Washington Public Records

Some exemptions mentioned in the Act include personal & private information about citizens, investigative files, personnel files, real estate appraisals, personal financial information, preliminary drafts by public agencies, library patron records, medical records, and security plans of law enforcement and government agencies.

Appearing below are those statewide resources we feel will be most useful to you.  You may also find databases from county and local areas by navigating to those pages through the drop-down tools in the margin.

  • Court Records - The Washington court system has four levels. At the first level are Municipal & District Courts. Municipal Courts serve cities & towns, and handle misdemeanors and municipal traffic & ordinance violations. District Courts serve counties and handle infractions, traffic violations, misdemeanors, small claims, and civil cases up to $75,000. Second level is the Superior Court, the court of general jurisdiction, which handles civil, felony, domestic relations & juvenile cases, and appeals from lower courts. Third is the Court of Appeals, which handles appeals from lower courts, except those appealed directly to the Supreme Court. Fourth is the Washington Supreme Court, which hears appeals from the Court of Appeals, and direct appeals from the lower courts, such as death penalty convictions.  Washington Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Municipal & District Courts handle ordinance violations, traffic violations, and misdemeanors. Superior Courts handle felony cases. Washington makes statewide District and Municipal criminal court records accessible online.  To search those resources, go to our Washington Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - Certificates for births, deaths, marriages and divorces are provided by: Washington Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics, P.O. Box 9709, Olympia, WA 98507-9709, (360) 236-4300 Info, (360) 236-4313 orders, Fax: (360) 352-2586.  Visit our Vital Records page to access historical state birth indexes, historical birth records from available counties; the Social Security Death Index for Washington; historical statewide death certificates; death, cemetery & obituary records from available cities & counties; historical statewide marriages; marriage databases from available counties; and statewide divorce court records.


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Most Popular

Public Records

Administrative Code

Search the Washington State Legislature Administrative Code.

Attorney General Opinions

Washington Attorney General database of opinions from 1949 to the present.

Birth Records | Archives

Select "Birth Records" in the record Series menu to search for Washington State births recorded in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Breath Test Discovery Materials

Search the Washington State Patrol "Web Based Discovery Materials Site" for Breath Test Program test results, instrument maintenance, CV's, manual, and procedures.

Campaign Finance

Washington State Public Disclosure Commission campaign finance records, including registered candidates and committees, contributions, and expenditures.

Census Records 1847-1910

Select "Census Records" in the Record Series menu to search the Washington Secretary of State Digital Archives database by name for Federal census records in Washington State between 1847 and 1910.

Child Support Payments

Washington State Department of Social & Health Services Child Support Internet Payment service. Search for and track your latest child support payments online. A Secure Access Washington (SAW) id is required.

City & County Codes

Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington list of city municipal codes and county codes.

Coastal Maps

Browse this Washington State Department of Ecology Coastal Atlas for maps biological/habitat features, physical features, regulated features, jurisdicitonal delineations, and transportation features.

Coastal Photographs

Washington Department of Ecology database of Shoreline Aerial Photographs.

Codes of Washington

Search the Revised Code of Washington RCW for laws now in force.

Companies | Assumed Business Names

Department of Revenue Business Records Database of Washington State registered Assumed Business Names (DBAs / Trade Names).

Cougar Sightings

Use this Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife service to search for cougar incident reports by keyword, county, and/or year, or browse by date for the last 30 days.

Court Dates | by State Bar Number

Use this database to search by State Bar Number for court dates in district or municipal court.

Court Decisions | Court of Appeals & Supreme Court

Washington State Court Slip Opinions from the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court since February 22, 2013.

Court Records | Federal PACER Eastern District Bankruptcy  Pay Site

U.S. Eastern District Bankruptcy Court of Washington record search. Requires a PACER account.

Court Records | Federal PACER Eastern District Civil & Criminal  Pay Site

Register with the Federal PACER system to search U.S. District Court of Washington Eastern District criminal and civil court filings.

Court Records | Federal PACER Western District Bankruptcy  Pay Site

U.S. Western District Bankruptcy Court of Washington. Register with the fee-based PACER system to search for Federal bankruptcy court records. Provides dockets and documents.

Court Records | Federal PACER Western District Civil & Criminal  Pay Site

PACER United States Western District Court of Washington civil and criminal court records.

Court Records | Frontier Justice Courts 1853-1889

Select "Frontier Justice" in the record series menu to search the Washington Secretary of State Digital Archives for Frontier Justice court cases heard in Washington Territory between 1853 and 1889.

Death Certificates 1907-1960

Search over 975,000 Washington State death certificates that were recorded between 1907 and 1960.

Digital Archives | Historical Documents & Photographs

Washington State University databases of historical documents, maps, and regional history.

Employee Phone Directory

Search the Washington State Government telephone directory. Includes listings for state agencies, educational institutions, and many local government organizations.

Ferry Schedules

Washington State ferry schedules.

Historical Photographs

Tacoma Public Library Photography Archive historical photographs of the Pacific Northwest. Search by keyword or term.

Inmates | Department of Corrections

Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) database of currently incarcerated inmates. Search by name or DOC number.

Inmates | Seatco Prison 1877-1888

Washington Secretary of State Digital Archives database of Seatco Prison inmates from 1877 through 1888.

Inmates | State Penitentiary 1887-1946

Washington Secretary of State Digital Archives database of Washington State Penitentiary inmates between 1887 and 1945.

Inmates | VineLink

VineLink database of inmates in Washington. Search by facility, offender ID, name, date of birth, or age range.


Search Washington State Legislation for Bill information.

Licenses | Professional, Medical and Business

Verify or find professional and business licenses in Washington for attorneys, accountants, dentists, physicians, contractors, and more.

Marriages | Archives

Choose "Marriage Records" in the Record Series menu to search Washington State Digital Archives records for Washington marriage records by bride or groom name, marriage year or county.

Marriages 1858-1950

marriages in Washington State recorded between 1858 and 1950.

Military Records

Use this Washington Secretary of State Digital Archives service to search for historic Military records.

Military Records | Orting Soldiers' Home

Search this Washington Secretary of State database of historical records of veterans who resided at the Orting Soldier's Home & Colony during the period 1891 through 1987.

Military Records | Retsil Veterans Home

Search this Washington Secretary of State database of historical records of veterans who resided at the at the Veterans Home in Restil during the period 1910 through 1977.

Missing Children

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children database of Washington State missing children.

Missing Children | State Police

Washington State Police list of missing children. Information includes photo, name, DOB, contact info/#, physical description, and circumstances, date and city of disappearance.

Missing Persons

Washington State Police list of missing Washington residents.

Most Wanted

List of most wanted fugitives from the Washington State Police.

Naturalization Records

Choose "Naturalization Records" in the Record Series menu to search the Washington State Archives for naturalization records.

Place Names

Extraordinarily well-researched database of Washington State place names by key word, description, or phrase.

Protective Orders

Protective orders in Washington by case number and respondent name and county of issuance.

Public Employee Retirement Benefits

Washington State Department of Retirement Systems retirement benefit estimator, withholding calculator, and buy back calculator.

Revised Code

Search the Washington State Revised Code.

Sales Tax Rates On-line Address Lookup (GIS)

Use the Sales Tax Rates Map or search by address for sales tax rates in Washington State.

Sales Tax | Reseller Permit Verification

Submit sales tax reseller permit information and receive verification from the Washington Department of Revenue.

Ships and Shipping

This database contains a searchable index of more than 13,000 ships. It provides full text information on 1,000 ships built on the Pacific Coast and ships with a connection to the Pacific Northwest.

Squaxin Island Tribe | Codes

Squaxin Island Tribe in Western Washington tribal code.

Tax Decisions, Laws, Rules

Search tax decisions, topics, questions and information at the Washington Department of Revenue.

Voter Records

Check your Washington State voter registration status online.

Wanted Persons | Unidentified

Photographs of unidentified wanted persons from the Washington State Police.

Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest United States. The Capital is Olympia and the largest city is Seattle.  The Official Web Site is located at http://access.wa.gov/.  Washington is the 13th most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 7,061,530 and the 2010 census population was 6,724,543.  The land area is 66,455.52 square miles and there are 101.2 persons per square mile.

81.2% of the population is White, 4% is Black or African American, 11.9% is Hispanic or Latino, 7.9% is Asian, 1.9% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.7% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 4.4% are two or more races. 90% are a high school graduate or higher, and 31.9% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $262,100. There are on average 2.54 persons per household, the per capita income is $30,742, the median household income is $59,478, and 13.4% of the persons in Washington are considered below poverty level.

Premium Databases

  • Washington Criminal Records

    Do a comprehensive background search of over 500 million court, inmate, corrections, offender, and fugitive records.