About SearchSystems.net

SearchSystems has developed the most innovative online search products of our times. Our team of expert research analysts invented our Transportable Interface Technology. We are proud of where we came from and are determined to ensure we are always pioneers and first movers in our industry. Follow our exciting journey as we move forward with new technology and new online directory access points.

SearchSystems was first registered in 1990 and fully incorporated in 1997. Prior to 2007 the company’s services were divided between research, skip-tracing and web site public record information services. As of June 2007 the company has focused 100% on the information search services sector of its business.

The company has been developing its web site since 1996 and has been ranked the number one and largest public record online access site on the Internet since its inception. It currently has over 42,00 links to free public records, predominantly in the USA and Canada as well as other English and foreign language sites worldwide.

Search Systems has received numerous commendations from USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, etc. for content and organization of the site. PC World magazine named searchsystems.net one of the “50 Most Useful Web Sites” on the Internet. The company has been ranked number one for public record searches on all of the major search engines for over 10 years. To date the company has received over 55 million visitors to its web site.