Indiana Public Records

We’ve identified the most widely used databases at the statewide level.  You can find those below.  Use the margin menus to search license databases, and those for cities and counties within Indiana.

  • Court System - The Indiana court system has five levels. At the first level are the City & Town Courts, responsible for ordinance violations, misdemeanors, infractions & traffic matters. Second are the Superior Courts, which are general jurisdiction trial courts that handle civil, criminal & small claims cases. At the third level are the Circuit Courts. The original courts in Indiana, Circuit Courts have unlimited trial jurisdiction over criminal & civil cases. At the fourth are the Tax Court and Court of Appeals. The Tax Court handles appeals of government agency tax decisions. The Court of Appeals reviews opinions from the lower courts. At the top level is the Indiana Supreme Court, which handles all death penalty and life imprisonment appeals, and other appeals from the lower courts.  Indiana Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Misdemeanors and DUI/DWI cases are handled by the City & Town Courts, and can also be handled by the Superior & Circuit Courts, which also try felony and juvenile cases.  To find out what rules the State has for ordering background checks, and which databases are available to you, refer to our Indiana Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - Birth and death certificates are provided by: Vital Records Department, Indiana State Department of Health, 6 West Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204, (317) 233-2700, Fax: (317) 233-7210. Certified marriage & divorce certificates are available from the court in the county where the marriage or divorce was granted.  Visit our Vital Records page for historical county birth records; county databases for deaths, burials, cemeteries, wills, and obituaries, and also the Social Security Death Index for Indiana; statewide historical marriages and available county marriage databases; links to family court divorce records from 35 Indiana counties, along with various historical divorce indexes.


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Most Popular

Public Records

Administrative Code

Search by Indiana Code number or keyword-- or browse for Indiana Administrative Code

Adoption Registry

Photo registry of children who are waiting for adoption in Indiana. Search for children with or without siblings, male or female or specify an age range.

Attorney General of Opinions

Indiana Attorney General opinions from 1976 to the present.

Bill Tracking

Search for bills by author, committee, Indiana code section, keyword or bill number. For each bill chosen, you will be emailed whenever a change occurs in the bill status. Paid membership required.

Biographies | after 1990

Indiana State Library Biography keyword index of biographies published after 1990.

Biographies | through 1990

Indiana State Library index of biographies published before 1990.

Campaign Finance

Search these Indiana campaign finance databases for candidates, committees, contributions, and expenditures.

Campgrounds & Inns

Search the Indian Department of Natural Resources on-line reservation service for state park campground and inn reservation availability.


Indiana Code from the General Assembly.


Search, view, or download the current Indiana Constitution.

County and Town Officials

Browse Indiana roster of county and town officials by job title or county. Gives name of official, contact information, start date, and end date.

Court Records | County, State, and Federal

Go here for court records in Indiana, including: county court records from both Doxpop and the State Court Administration; Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Tax Court dockets and opinions; and federal PACER U.S. District Court civil, criminal, and bankruptcy records.

Covered Bridges

Browse this list (PDF) from the Indiana Historical Bureau of Indiana Covered Bridges.

Criminal Histories  Pay Site

Indiana State Police Limited Criminal History database which "contains only felonies and class A misdemeanor arrests within the state of Indiana." Signup for access through the accessIndiana service or pay by credit card.

Employee Phone Directory

Find an Indiana State Employee by name, agency, or do a reverse phone search by the last four digits of the employee phone number.

Environmental | Toxic Release Inventory

Toxic releases in Indiana by year, location, chemical, or industry. Gives total releases and wastes as well as details on what kinds of chemicals.

Historical Markers

Search the Indiana Historical Bureau database of Indiana Historical Markers. Search by ID, County, Title, Inscription, Marker Location, or keyword.

Homestead Award Database

Indiana State Archives of Hoosier Homestead Award recipients. Award is for farms that have been owned by the same family for more than 100 years and the family has had an impact on the economic, cultural and social advancement of Indiana.

Indian Lands Records

Indiana Indian Land records. Provides date, name, section/lot, township/range, acres, and receipt.

Inmates | Death Row

Indiana Department of Corrections lists of inmates currently on death row and executed offenders.

Insurance Enforcement Actions

Browse Indiana insurance enforcement actions by name of company. Gives violation, final order date, action, and order number.


Search for job openings in Indiana or employers may use this service to search for candidates.

Jobs in Education

Search for employment positions in education in Indiana.

Land Office Records

Indiana State Archive General Land Office Database. Provides name, location, and site description.


Search for Indiana bills or resolutions by number or keyword, or browse by subject. Gives summary, full text of bill, amendments, committee reports, fiscal impact statements, original bill, history of actions, and the Indiana code citations affected.


Use this Indiana State Library service to search for libraries in Indiana by library type, name, address, and/or county.

Licenses | Professional, Medical & Business

Search and verify Indiana professional and business licenses for attorneys, accountants, dentists, physicians, contractors, and many more.

Lottery Winning Numbers

Hoosier Lottery database of winning Indiana lottery numbers by game and date.


Indiana State Library records of marriages recorded in Indiana between 1958 and 2005.

Missing Children

Indiana missing children search.

Missing Children

Missing Indiana children search from MissingKids.

Most Wanted | Central Indiana

Central Indiana wanted suspects, most wanted posters, unsolved crimes, unsolved homicides.

Motor Vehicle Title and Liens Records  Pay Site

Search for Indiana motor vehicle title and lien records by title number, social security number, or year, make, & vehicle ID number. Paid membership required.


Indiana State Archives records of naturalizations before 1951.

Nursing Home Facilities

Use this service of the Indiana State Department of Health to search their directory of Nursing Homes / Long Term Care Facilities by city or county or browse their alphabetical listing by owning corporation.

Ohio River Valley Genealogical Database

Ohio River Valley Families genealogical database. Includes families from Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Illinois.

Property | Assessed Values

Property assessed value lookup from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

Property | Sales Disclosures

Department of Local Government Finance database of county property sales disclosures since July of 2008. Does not cover all counties.

Property | Tax Bills

Property tax bill search from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

Protective Orders

Search for protective and no contact orders in Indiana by name or case number. You may also narrow your search by year of birth, race, city, or county (or counties).

Revolutionary War Soldiers

Search for the graves of Revolutionary War Soldiers who are buried in Indiana.

School Statistics

Indiana School Statistics by school name, city, or county.

Schools - Map Display

Search for Indiana schools by school, street, or city. Provides map.

Securities Database

Search for Indiana Securities division registration records by firm type, name, or registration number. Gives registration type, effective date, expiration date, address of firm, and correspondent or agent(s).

Slave and Negro & Mulatto Registries

Indiana State Archives index of slave registers and Negro & Mulatto registries.

State Agencies

Alphabetical listing of Indiana state agencies.

State Agency Information

Search this Indiana State Government database by subject for State Agency Information.

State Documents

Search the Indiana Division State Documents Section for State Documents.

State Land | GIS

State of Indiana Land Office GIS map search for state-owned parcels.

Telegraph Books | Gov. Oliver P. Morton

Telegraph records of Governor Oliver P. Morton, Indiana's Civil War governor.


Search for Indiana trademarks by name or owner, or browse by category of product. Gives date of registration, file number, and product number.

Unemployment Voucher Status

If you have an active Indiana Unemployment Claim, use this Indiana Department of Workforce Development database to obtain an online status of your Unemployment vouchers.

Vehicle Registration Records

Search for Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle registration records by plate, social secuirty number, or auto information. Paid accessIndiana membership required.

Vehicle Title & Lien Records

Search for Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles title and lien records by title number; by year, make & VIN; or search by social security number. Paid accessIndiana membership required.

Veterans of World War II

Search for Indiana World War II veterans by service number, last name, city, county, or branch of service. Gives dates in service, area of service, status, awards, and other information.


Indiana statewide voter registration records.

Water Well Database

Search for Indiana water wells by reference number, county, UTM coordinate, or date completed. Gives extensive information on each well (directions, contact info for owner(s) & contractor(s), capacity, grouting information, administrative info, etc.).

World War II Servicemen

Indiana State Library database of World War II Servicemen. Includes notices of casualties, missing military personnel, prisoners, and decorations.

Indiana is located in the Great Lakes region. The Capital is Indianapolis and the largest city is Indianapolis.  The Official Web Site is located at  Indiana is the 16th most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 6,596,855 and the 2010 census population was 6,484,192.  The land area is 35,826.11 square miles and there are 181 persons per square mile.

86.3% of the population is White, 9.5% is Black or African American, 6.4% is Hispanic or Latino, 1.9% is Asian, 0.4% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.1% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 1.8% are two or more races. 87.2% are a high school graduate or higher, and 23.2% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $122,800. There are on average 2.55 persons per household, the per capita income is $24,635, the median household income is $48,248, and 15.4% of the persons in Indiana are considered below poverty level.

Premium Databases

  • Indiana Criminal Records

    Do a comprehensive background search of over 500 million court, inmate, corrections, offender, and fugitive records.