Indiana Criminal Records

1) Indiana Warrants and Most Wanted Directory.  Search for criminal wants and warrants in Indiana.

2) Free searches - listed below. Indiana provides free access to several types of criminal record databases. To do your own search we suggest that you start with the resources below under “Featured Public Records.” Two services allow searches of county court records.  The Indiana Judicial System offers free access, but now every county is covered.  The “Doxpop” system offers access to a larger number of courts, but only basic case information is free.  Case details require a subscription and fees. Use other resources below to search for court dockets, inmates in county jails, state prisons, and federal prisons. You may also search statewide in Indiana for registered offenders, or use the inexpensive PACER system to search federal criminal court records. If you want to research in specific counties, we also offer resources for available county inmates, court records, and arrests.

3) Indiana State Police. Another option is to use the resource titled “Criminal Histories| Indiana State Police” below to order a limited criminal history check. They will perform an instant online search of felony and class A misdemeanor arrests. The search is termed a “limited” criminal history check because it is not a court record search, and the State Police cannot guarantee 100% accuracy or completeness because each county can decide how much information to supply. Cost is $15 for subscribers, and $16.32 for non-subscribers. Note: those prices are per record, not per search. This does not include U.S. Federal Records, so we recommend a PACER search and federal inmate search as well. 

4) Search Systems State, National, and International Criminal Records. Criminals don't stop at state borders.  Expand your search with our Search Systems Premium criminal record database - the largest available to the public online containing over 450 million criminal records in all states.  Includes over 70 national and international terrorist, debarred persons, and most wanted databases.  The cost per search is $14.95 and results are immediate.  See Inside Edition's report on YouTube.

Our Indiana records include criminal convictions in 15 counties; Department of Corrections inmate records; and registered offenders. A search of Indiana records only is $9.95, immediate results.

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  • Indiana Criminal Records

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