West Virginia Public Records

Exceptions to publicly available information include trade secrets, information of a personal nature, test questions & scoring keys, investigation files, records relating to undeveloped archaeological sites, and emergency scenario plans & security measures.

Look below to find popular and useful statewide databases.  Look to the side margin for tools that enable you to access other resources, such as city and county databases.

  • Court System - The West Virginia court system has four levels. At the first level are the Municipal Courts, which are responsible only for city ordinance violations. At the second level are Magistrate Courts, which handle misdemeanors and civil cases of $5,000 or less. Also on this level are Family Courts, responsible for matters regarding children, parents, and spouses. Third are the Circuit Courts, the trial courts of general jurisdiction that handle civil cases over $300, misdemeanors, and felonies. At the top is the Supreme Court of Appeals, a single court that handles all appeals from lower courts.  West Virginia Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Felony cases are the responsibility of the Circuit Courts. The Magistrate Courts or the Circuit Courts may handle misdemeanors. For information about ordering official searches and doing online research, go to our West Virginia Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - Birth, death, marriage & divorce certificates are provided by: Vital Registration, West Virginia Division of Health, 350 Capitol St, Rm 165, Charleston, WV 25301-3701, (304) 558-2931, Info: (304) 558-2931, Fax: (304) 558-1051.  West Virginia has restrictions on who can order vital records.  For details, see our Vital Records page.  Also there you'll find statewide historical birth records; birth record databases from available counties; the Social Security Death Index for West Virginia; historical statewide death indexes; death, cemetery, and obituary records from available counties; historical statewide marriages; and marriage databases from available counties.


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Most Popular

Public Records


West Virginia Government state agencies from A to Z.

Birth Records

Use this West Virginia Division of Culture and History service to search for birth records in selected counties between 1816 and 1931.

Birth Records 1853-1930

Over 1 million West Virginia county birth records filed between 1853 and 1930.

Births and Christenings 1853-1928

Database of 466,000 West Virginia birth and christening records filed between 1853 and 1928.

Campaign Finance

West Virginia Secretary of State campaign candidate and committee finance reports, historical filings, and Federal candidate reports.

Coal Maps

West Virginia Department of Natural Resources GIS coal mining and coal bed maps.


Search West Virginia Codes by section, article and chapter or browse the West Virginia Code by chapter or title.

Community Resources

Search by service and/or county for community resources such as addiction counseling, employment services, health care, housing, mental and behavioral health services, transportation, education, and churches.

Companies and Corporations | Apostilles and Certificates

West Virginia Secretary of State index of Apostilles and Certificates of Authenticity.

Companies and Corporations | Charities

Charitable Organizations search from the WV Secretary of State.

Companies and Corporations | Lists  Pay Site

Build and order customized registered business lists from the WV Secretary of State.

Companies and Corporations | Official Document Validation

Official document validation from the Secretary of State. Enter a WV corporate document code to determine if the document is authentic.

Companies and Corporations | Trademarks

West Virginia Secretary of State trademark and service mark search.


Browse the West Virginia Constitution by article.

County Records

Search public records free in West Virginia counties.

Court Forms

West Virginia Judiciary court forms, including family court and magistrate court forms, personal safety, guardianship, conservator, expungement, mental hygiene, and translator forms.

Court of Appeals | U.S. Fourth Circuit Records  Pay Site

Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals PACER database. Search for case records and obtain dockets and document copies. Access requires PACER registration and a small fee per search. Covers West Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Court Opinions | Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia for civil, criminal, and family law appeals opinions.

Court Opinions | U.S. 4th Circuit

U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals opinions for West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Court Records - U.S. District Court PACER  Pay Site

PACER United States District Court civil, criminal, and bankruptcy records for the Northern and Southern Districts of West Virginia.

Court Records | Circuit Express  Pay Site

Subscription-only database of Circuit Court cases from participating West Virginia Circuit Courts.

Death Records

Use this West Virginia Division of Culture and History service to search for death records in selected counties between 1853 and 1970.

Deaths and Burials 1854-1932

Database of 48,000 West Virginia death and burial records filed between 1854 and 1932.

Deaths Records 1853-1970

1.4 million West Virginia state and county death records filed between 1885 and 1930.

Early Childhood Resource Lending Library

Search the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services Early Childhood Resource Lending Library for available books, brochures, videotapes, workbooks, etc. for early childhood resource materials available to early childhood personnel and parents

Environmental Protection Maps

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection interactive maps of oil and gas permits, mining, water withdrawal, toxic releases, and more.

Executive Journal

WV Secretary of State search of the Executive Journal for names that appear as appointees and commissioners, on boards and public service districts, and in executive orders and proclamations.

Flood Map

WV National Flood Insurance Program Office GIS map of flood risks.

Flood Zone Mapping

West Virginia GIS searchable flood mapping and flood risk map.

Flood Zones

Searchable GIS map of flood zones and flood risks in West Virginia.


Interactive GIS map of West Virginia roads, geography, topography, aerial photography, and more.

Historic Preservation Map

West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office interactive GIS map of cultural resources and historic sites.

Hunting & Fishing Maps

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources interactive GIS hunting and fishing maps.

Immunizations & Vaccinations  Information

Information on how to find West Virginia immunization & vaccination records.

Inmates | Escapees and Absconders

West Virginia Department of Corrections list of escapees and parole absconders.


Browse the West Virginia Legislature by year for Bill Status, or perform Bill Text Search.

Licenses | Professional, Medical & Business

Find and verify professional and business licenses in West Virginia with these free databases. Search for attorneys, CPAs, physicians, contractors, realtors, insurance companies, and more.

Liquor Stores

Search by license type, county, DBA, and/or license number for West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration licensed retail and non-retail establishments. Requires registration and password.

Lobbyists & Represented Employers / Organizations

Browse these Adobe Acrobat .pdf files of West Virginia Lobbyist Registration listings and represented employers & organizations.

Marriage Records

Use this West Virginia Division of Culture and History service to search for marriage records in selected counties between 1856 and 1970.

Marriages 1853-1970

Over 1.5 million West Virginia marriages recorded between 1853 and 1970.

Marriages 1854-1932

Index of 200,000 West Virginia marriages recorded between 1854 and 1932.

Military - Veterans

Use this West Virginia Division of Culture and History "Memory Project" service to search for Veterans records by name, war, county, and/or keyword.

Oil & Gas Maps

GIS maps of West Virginia oil and natural gas wells, gas plays, shale plays, and regional geology.

Property | Delinquent Land

West Virginia State Auditor database of county delinquent tax properties.

Service of Process

Search this West Virginia Secretary of State database for Service of Process information (summons & complaints, subpoenas, etc.) by civil action number, county, or defendant name.

State Register

The State Register is published weekly to help citizens keep up-to-date on the meetings, rule making and other official actions of state government agencies, boards and commissions.

State Rules

West Virginia Code of State Rules.

Surname Exchange

West Virginia Archives and History database of surnames and researchers who are interested in surname information exchanges.

Tax Refunds

Find your West Virginia State Tax Department tax refund status.


West Virginia State Parks Department maps of recreational trails.


West Virginia Division of Tourism vacation guide.

Water & Wastewater Systems

GIS map of West Virginia wastewater and water systems and projects.

West Virginia is located in the Appalachian region of the United States. The Capital is Charleston and the largest city is Charleston.  The Official Web Site is located at http://www.wv.gov/.  West Virginia is the 38th most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 1,850,326 and the 2010 census population was 1,853,033.  The land area is 24,038.21 square miles and there are 77.1 persons per square mile.

93.8% of the population is White, 3.6% is Black or African American, 1.4% is Hispanic or Latino, 0.8% is Asian, 0.2% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 0% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 1.5% are two or more races. 83.9% are a high school graduate or higher, and 18.3% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $98,500. There are on average 2.43 persons per household, the per capita income is $22,966, the median household income is $41,043, and 17.9% of the persons in West Virginia are considered below poverty level.

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