Utah Public Records

In Utah, a public record is defined as a book, letter, document, paper, map, plan, photograph, film, card, tape, recording, electronic data, or other documentary material that is prepared or kept by a government body or subdivision.

Here you’ll see statewide resources organized alphabetically.  We’ve tried to provide the most useful of the available Utah databases.  To research records maintained at the counties and cities, refer to the menu on the left side of this page.

  • Court System - The Utah court system has four levels. At the first level are Justice Courts, which are responsible for class B & C misdemeanors, ordinance violations, traffic & parking infractions, & small claims cases. At the second level are District Courts, which are the trial courts of general jurisdiction. They handle civil, criminal felony cases, class A misdemeanors, domestic relations, probate & small claims cases. Also at this level are the Juvenile Courts, which handle criminal, abuse, and dependent matters regarding children. Third is the Court of Appeals, which handles appealed cases from the District & Juvenile Courts. Fourth is the Utah Supreme Court, which handles capital and first degree felony appeals, civil appeals, and oversees decisions by the Court of Appeals.  Utah Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Class B & C misdemeanors, ordinance violations & traffic violations are handled by the Justice Courts. Class A misdemeanors and felonies are handled by the District Courts. As Utah is a closed record state, the Department of Public Safety will only allow you to obtain a certified criminal history check on yourself. However, you can search any name through databases we provide to Utah federal criminal court records, statewide District Court criminal records, statewide Dept of Corrections inmates, and statewide registered offender records.  To access these databases, go to our Utah Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - Birth, death, marriage & divorce certificates are provided by: Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics, 288 North 1460 West, PO BOX 141012, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1012, (801) 538-6380, Fax: (801) 538-9467.  Visit our Vital Records page for access to historical birth indexes; the Social Security Death Index for Utah; historical statewide death record databases; death, burial & cemetery records from available cities & counties; historical statewide marriages, marriage databases from available counties; and has information for ordering divorce certificates.


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Most Popular

Public Records

Adoptions - Waiting Children

Search the Utah Adoption Connection Waiting Children database by status, gender, race/ethnic group, and special needs.

Attorney General Opinions

Browse or search the Utah Attorney General's database of opinions from 1990 to the present.

Births and Christenings 1892-1941

Approximately 36,000 Utah birth and christening records filed between 1892 and 1941.

Certificates of Existence

Search by key word or entity number for Certificates of Existence (good standing) in Utah. There is no charge for the search, but certificates of existence require a fee.

City Records

Search public records free in Utah cities and towns.

Code | Statutes and Constitution

Utah Statutes and Constitution by title number, or search by keyword.

Company Search | Business Entity Lists  Pay Site

Build and customize lists of businesses registered in the State of Utah. Requires registration and fee.

County Records

Search public records free in Utah counties.

Court Records | PACER U.S. District Civil & Criminal  Pay Site

U.S. District Court of Utah Federal civil & criminal court records, documents, and dockets. PACER registration required.

Court Records | U.S. District PACER Bankruptcy  Pay Site

U.S. District Court of Utah bankruptcies. Register with the fee-based PACER system to search for Federal bankruptcy court records by case number, name, SSN/Tax ID, or case type.

Criminal Histories  Information

Utah Department of Public Safety information on how to obtain Utah criminal history records or expunge records.

Dam Safety

Utah dam safety database. Search by dam name, ID, county, office, inspection list, map, earthquake list, category, or hazard rating.

Death Certificates 1904-1956

Database of over 260,000 Utah death certificates recorded between 1904 and 1956.

Deaths 1904-1956

Search the Utah Office of Vital Records & Statistics death certificate index by name for the period 1904-1956.

Deaths and Burials 1888-1946

Search 144,000 Utah deaths and burials recorded between 1888 and 1946.

Department of Corrections Most Wanted

Utah Department of Corrections most wanted escapees and parole parole fugitives.

Employee Directory

Utah State register of employees. Provides name, phone number, department, and email address.

Historical Markers & Monuments

Search this Utah State Historical Society Markers & Monuments database by city/place, county, keyword, or organization.

Impounded Vehicles

Lost your car? Search the Utah Impounded Vehicle Service for impounded vehicles by VIN, license plate & state, or state impound form number.

Indian War Service Affidavits

Utah Division of Archives Commissioner of Indian War Records Indian War Service Affidavits 1909-1919.

Judicial Districts

Use this Utah Courts service Judicial District Locator map to find Utah State Courts.


Search this Utah State Legislature service for legislation by general session, legislation, senator, representative, subject, and/or committee recommendation.


Search for Utah State Legislators by district, year, alphabetically, or view the Senate or House rosters.

Licenses | Professional, Medical & Business

Utah professional, medical, and business license databases and license verification services. Use these free databases to find attorneys, accountants, nurses, physicians, real estate brokers, and more.

Lobbyists & Organizations

Browse by name for lobbyists and lobbyist organizations registered in the State of Utah. Provides name, address, affiliated lobbyist(s) and lobbyist address & phone numbers.


Search the Utah.gov State Online Services Utah map access database for online maps. Includes admininistrative, climate, economic, geology, law enforcement, natural resources, parks, recreation, transportation, water maps and many more.

Marriages 1887-1966

Index of 278,000 Utah marriage records filed between 1887 and 1966.

Missing Children

Utah missing children search from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Monuments and Markers

Use this service of the Utah History Research Center to search for Markers and Monuments in Utah. Browse by county, organization or theme or search by keyword.

Mormon Pioneer Emigrants 1847-1868

Use this Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints service to search by company, year, and name for Mormon pioneers to Utah. Covers 1847-1868.

Most Wanted | Insurance Fraud

Utah Division of Insurance Fraud most wanted. View photos of most wanted fraudsters with information including name, type of fraud, warrant date, and bail amount.

Most Wanted | Statewide Warrants

Utah Department of Public Safety statewide warrants search.

Newspapers - Historic (Digital)

Search this University of Utah library by keyword/phrase, newspaper, year/issue, or browse by county for Utah newspaper content from the late 19th century and beginning to mid 20th century.

Public Notice Ads

Click on "Public Notice" to use this Utah Press Association service to search for public notice ads in Utah. Search result provides you with a pdf image of the newpaper page.

Public Salaries

Database of salaries of government employees.

State & Community Services

Search this 211 site for State & Community Services (housing, food, childcare, transportation, etc.) by need, group, or provider. Or browse lists of volunteer opportunities or service providers.

Towed Vehicles

Where's my car? Use this Utah Department of Public Safety database of towed and impounded vehicles to find out.


Utah Division of Corporations trademark and service mark records.

Vanity Plates

Search this Utah.gov State Online Services database for available Utah vanity plates and order your plate online.

Utah is located in the western United States. The Capital is Salt Lake City and the largest city is Salt Lake City.  The Official Web Site is located at http://www.utah.gov/index.html.  Utah is the 33rd most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 2,942,902 and the 2010 census population was 2,763,885.  The land area is 82,169.62 square miles and there are 33.6 persons per square mile.

91.6% of the population is White, 1.3% is Black or African American, 13.4% is Hispanic or Latino, 2.3% is Asian, 1.5% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 1% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 2.3% are two or more races. 90.9% are a high school graduate or higher, and 30.3% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $212,800. There are on average 3.12 persons per household, the per capita income is $23,873, the median household income is $58,821, and 12.7% of the persons in Utah are considered below poverty level.

Premium Databases

  • Utah Criminal Records

    Do a comprehensive background search of over 500 million court, inmate, corrections, offender, and fugitive records.