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The public records you'll find here are the ones found in online databases that are most popular among researchers.  Below you'll find statewide North Carolina databases listed in alphabetical order.  If you'd prefer to view them ranked by order of popularity, click on the "Popularity" link. More databases found at the state or county levels can be accessed via the side navigation.

  • Court System - The North Carolina court system has four levels. First are District Courts, which handle civil cases to $10,000, divorces, child custody, juvenile matters, misdemeanors & infractions. District Court Magistrates are responsible for minor misdemeanors & traffic violations. At the second level are Superior Courts, which handle felony cases, civil cases over $10,000, and misdemeanor & infraction cases appealed from District Court. At the third level is the Court of Appeals, which handles appeals from lower courts. At the fourth level is the North Carolina Supreme Court, which reviews death penalty convictions, Utilities Commission cases, and other opinions from lower courts.  North Carolina Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Misdemeanors, infractions, and criminal cases involving juveniles are handled by the District Courts. Felonies are handled by the Superior Courts. How to obtain a criminal record or histories in North Carolina is dependent on if the search is on yourself or someone else and whether or not a certified copy is needed.  For more details about ordering criminal record searches from North Carolina, and for available criminal databases, go to our North Carolina Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - Birth, death, marriage & divorce certificates are provided by: North Carolina Vital Records, 1903 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1903, (919) 733-3526. Visit our Vital Records page for statewide historical birth indexes, birth records from available counties; the Social Security Death Index, historical statewide death & burial databases; death records, cemetery indexes & obituaries from available cities & counties; historical statewide marriages, marriage databases from available counties; and links to services that provide divorce certificate copies.


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Most Popular

Public Records

Attorney General Opinions

Search the North Carolina Attorney General's database of opinions from 1979 to present.


North Carolina State Bar membership directory.

Attorneys | Discipline

North Carolina State Bar attorney disciplinary orders, pending cases, injunctions, and disciplinary reports.

Available Buildings

Search this database of available North Carolina buildings by building name, square footage, region, county and/or physical details to view features, specifications, construction, facilities, utilities, access or contacts.

Available Sites

Search this database of available North Carolina sites by site name, region, county, acreage, certification and/or other criteria to view usage, price, terms, access, map, utilities and contacts.

Bank Enforcement Actions

North Carolina Office of the Commissioner of Banks list of banking enforcement actions.

Bankruptcies, Judgments & Tax Liens  Pay Site

Search Systems Premium combined database of North Carolina bankruptcies, judgments, and tax liens.

Banks, Trusts, and Bank Holding Companies

Search the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks for state chartered banks, trust companies, and bank holding companies in North Carolina.

Bill Inquiry

Search the North Carolina General Assembly for bills and statutes.

Births and Christenings 1866-1964

North Carolina birth and christening records filed between 1866 and 1964.

Campaign Finance Reports

North Carolina campaign finance principal and lobbyist reports.

Child Care Facilities

North Carolina Division of Child Development child care facility database.

Court Calendars | Civil

Search civil court calendars in North Carolina by county.

Court Clerks

Search by County Name for Court Contacts in North Carolina. Provides Court name, address, phone, and fax number.

Court Dockets | Supreme Court

North Carolina Supreme Court docket sheets by party name, docket number, attorney, or case title.

Court of Appeals | U.S. Fourth Circuit Records  Pay Site

Search the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals PACER database and obtain document copies. Access requires PACER registration and a small fee per search. Covers North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and South Carolina.

Court Opinions | Business Court

Search for North Carolina Civil Business Court Opinions by keyword.

Court Opinions | Supreme Court & Court of Appeals

Browse by year or search by keyword for North Carolina Supreme Court & Court of Appeals Opinions.

Court Opinions | U.S. 4th Circuit

U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals opinions for North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Court Records | Officer Court Appearance Query

Search for Officer Court Appearance information in North Carolina by officer name, agency, and county.

Court Records | U.S. District PACER

Search U.S. District Courts of North Carolina regional PACER Federal court records.

Court | Judicial Directory

Judicial employees in North Carolina by name, job function, and/or county.

Criminal Background Checks (Information)

Information from the North Carolina Department of Justice on how to do a background check on yourself, on others, or how to obtain a criminal history from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.

Deaths and Burials 1898-1994

Search 2.7 million North Carolina deaths and burials recorded between 1898 and 1994.

Industrial Commission Decisions | Deputy Commission

Search the North Carolina Industrial Commission database of worker compensation decisions by the Deputy Commission.

Industrial Commission Decisions | Full Commission

Search the North Carolina Industrial Commission database of worker compensation decisions by the full Commission.

Inmates & Offenders | Victim Assistance & Notification

Use the Statewide Automated Victim Assistance and Notification (SAVAN) service from North Carolina to check the custody status of offenders.

Land Records | Annexations & Amendments

North Carolina Secretary of State Land Records for annexation or charter amendments by municipality and/or effective date or adopted date.

Licenses | Professional, Medical, and Business

Search free North Carolina license verification databases, including physicians, real estate brokers, nurses, family therapists, cosmetologists, contractors, appraisers, beauticians, CPAs, check cashers, and many more.


Lobbyist directory from the North Carolina Secretary of State.

Marriages 1759-1979

North Carolina marriage records filed between 1759 and 1979.

Missing Children

North Carolina missing children search.

Protective Orders

North Carolina protective orders by case number, respondent name, and county of issuance.

Public Notices

Search this database of North Carolina public notices by category, keyword and/or newspaper.

Restaurant Ratings

Use this WRAL News service database to search for restaurant ratings in North Carolina counties.


Search for North Carolina shipwrecks by map or by text search.


Browse the Statutes of the North Carolina General Assembly or search by keyword.

Statutes and Industrial Commission Rules

Search this database of North Carolina statutes and industrial commission rules by keyword.

Tax Debtors

Browse this North Carolina Department of Revenue list by name for Delinquent Taxpayers.

Teachers | Disciplinary Actions

Browse this North Carolina State Board of Education database of disciplinary actions against its teachers.

Traffic Stop Reports

North Carolina Bureau of Investigation traffic reports.

Uniform Commercial Code

Department of the Secretary of State for North Carolina Uniform Commercial Code filings. Allows for both standard (exact name) and non-standard RA9 searches.

Worker Compensation

North Carolina Worker Compensation Search System. Find out: an employer business address; if your employer has or had coverage; the address of an insurance carrier; or the coverage details or dates by policy number.

North Carolina is located in the southeast United States. The Capital is Raleigh and the largest city is Charlotte.  The Official Web Site is located at  North Carolina is the 9th most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 9,943,964 and the 2010 census population was 9,535,691.  The land area is 48,617.91 square miles and there are 196.1 persons per square mile.

71.7% of the population is White, 22% is Black or African American, 8.9% is Hispanic or Latino, 2.6% is Asian, 1.6% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.1% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 2% are two or more races. 84.9% are a high school graduate or higher, and 27.3% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $153,600. There are on average 2.53 persons per household, the per capita income is $25,284, the median household income is $46,334, and 17.5% of the persons in North Carolina are considered below poverty level.

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