New Jersey Public Records

Examples of records deemed restricted to public access include criminal investigation records, legislative records, medical examiner records, private personal information, trade secrets & proprietary information, and victims records.

Below are the more useful and in-demand databases at the state level.  Click on the drop-down menus found in the side margin to find more resources not shown on this page.

  • Court System - The New Jersey court system has four levels. At the first level is the Municipal Court, which handles motor vehicle offenses, misdemeanors & violations. At the second is the Superior Court, which is the trial court. Superior cases include criminal misdemeanors, felonies, juvenile matters, civil cases, and family cases (disputes involving children & spouses). Also at this level is the Tax Court, which reviews decisions of county boards of taxation and the State Division of Taxation. At the third level is the Appellate Division of Superior Court, which reviews opinions from lower courts. At the top level is the New Jersey Supreme Court, which reviews Appellate Division cases and those from lower courts.  New Jersey Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Each Superior Court has a Criminal Division. Felony and Juvenile cases are handled at the Superior Courts. Misdemeanors and DWI/DUI cases are handled in the Municipal Courts.  To search databases for criminal records, and find information about ordering official state searches, review our New Jersey Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - Birth and death certificates and marriage records are available from: New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services, State Registrar Search Unit, PO Box 370, Trenton, NJ 08625-0370, 609-292-4087, Fax 609-392-4292.  Visit our Birth Records page to find births and christenings databases covering years 1660 to 1980; the Social Security Death Index for New Jersey, and city & county death, cemetery & obituary records; links to historical marriage databases going back to 1666 and up through 1985; and information about ordering copies of divorce records from the Superior Court.


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Most Popular

Public Records

Attorney General Opinions

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs database of Attorney General Opinions.

Bankruptcies, Judgments & Tax Liens  Pay Site

Search Systems Premium statewide search of bankruptcy, judgment, and tax lien filings in New Jersey or nationwide.


New Jersey Cooperative Coastal Monitoring Program reports on beach water quality, closings, advisories, and health risks.

Births and Christenings 1660-1980

Index of over 2 million New Jersey birth and christening records filed between 1660 and 1980.

Campaign Finance

NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission campaign finance and lobbyist databases.

Civil War Photographs

Browse this New Jersey Department of State archives collection by name for photographs of Civil War soldiers.

Company Search - Corporations & Business Entities - List  Pay Site

Search by file type, entity type, and date range (no more than 15 days) to purchase and view a list of New Jersey corporations or other business entities that match your query.

Corporations & Companies

New Jersey corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, business trade names, trade marks, trade service marks, and other business registrations.

Corporations & Companies | Debarred

New Jersey State Treasury medical, professional, construction, and vendor firms and individuals who have been debarred.

Court Calendars | Civil Discovery

NJ Judiciary Superior Court civil discovery end date calendar.

Court Calendars | Civil Motions

New Jersey Judiciary Superior Court civil motions calendar.

Court Records | Civil

Public access to civil case filings from the New Jersey Courts system.

Court Records | Criminal

Public access to New Jersey Courts criminal case records.

Court Records | Criminal Convictions

New Jersey Superior Court criminal conviction records compiled by the Asbury Park Press.

Court Records | Judgments

New Jersey Judiciary statewide database of Superior Court judgments.

Court Records | PACER Federal Bankruptcy  Pay Site

U.S. District Court of New Jersey bankruptcy court records, documents, and dockets. PACER registration required.

Court Records | PACER Federal Civil & Criminal  Pay Site

Civil & criminal court record database for the U.S. District Court of New Jersey. Includes dockets and documents. Requires PACER registration.

Court Records | Traffic & Parking

New Jersey Municipal Courts database parking and traffic tickets. Find and pay your ticket online.

Criminal | Escapees

New Jersey Department of Corrections prison escapees.

Criminal | Histories  Information

Information from the New Jersey Department State Police on who may order and how to obtain criminal histories in New Jersey.

Criminal | Inmate Parole Eligibility

Parole eligibility notices from the New Jersey State Parole Board.

Criminal | Inmates & Offenders

New Jersey Department of Corrections inmates and offenders who have been paroled or released from an NJDOC prison.

Criminal | Megans Law Offenders

New Jersey State Police Megans Law sex offender records.

Deaths and Burials 1720-1988

Index of over 1 million death and burial records filed in New Jersey between 1720 and 1988.

Employee Phone Directory

New Jersey state employee phone directory. Provides name, department code, agency, PO, and phone number.


New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce resources for finding jobs in New Jersey.

Marriages 1678-1985

Index of approximately 800,000 New Jersey marriage records filed between 1678 and 1985.

Missing Children

New Jersey missing children search.

Missing Persons

New Jersey State Police missing persons case list.

Property | Assessments

New Jersey Association of County Tax Boards property ownership and assessment records. Choose a county and if you don't know the municipality, choose "All" in the "Select District" menu.

Property | Owners & Assessments

Search for New Jersey property owners, assessments, and taxes by county, city, and address, by owner name, or by property class and description code.

Property | property records in New Jersey. Requires a account and login. Searches by owner name or statewide require a paid taxrecords subscription.

Public Notices

New Jersey Press Association search for public notices.


Search by county or school name for schools in New Jersey. Provides school name, E.S. #, report card, city, principal name, address, and phone number.

September 11 Victims from NJ

View this listing of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks reported to the New Jersey State Police to view name, DOB, town, county, date posted and whether posting was removed.


Browse by name for New Jersey State Services.


New Jersey Permanent Statutes by Title, keyword, or phrase.

Tax Assessors

Browse by county name for the names, addresses, and hours of County Tax Assessors in New Jersey.

Tax Debtors - Top 100 Individual Debtors (pdf)

Download this Adobe Acrobat pdf file to browse by amount owed the list of top 100 Individual New Jersey state tax debtors. Provides name, city, date of judgment, docket number, and amount owed.

Trade Names, Trade Marks & Trade Service Marks

Search by name/business location, name/filing date, or owner name/location for trade names, trade marks & trade service marks in New Jersey. Provided name and filing number. Details are available from the state for a fee.

Unclaimed Property

Search by name for unclaimed property in New Jersey. Provides name, address, city, city code, and instructions & form for making a claim.

Uniform Commercial Code

Search Uniform Commercial Code filings in New Jersey by name or filing number, and you may receive your results as a status report, copies only, or status report with copies. Basic results including name, city, filing number, status, and filing date are free, details and document copies require a fee.

Uniform Commercial Code | by Date  Pay Site

Search by date range to purchase and download New Jersey UCC filings that have been filed within the specified time period.

New Jersey is located in the mid atlantic and northeastern regions of the United States. The Capital is Trenton and the largest city is Newark.  The Official Web Site is located at  New Jersey is the 11th most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 8,938,175 and the 2010 census population was 8,791,936.  The land area is 7,354.22 square miles and there are 1195.5 persons per square mile.

73.4% of the population is White, 14.7% is Black or African American, 18.9% is Hispanic or Latino, 9.2% is Asian, 0.6% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.1% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 2% are two or more races. 88.1% are a high school graduate or higher, and 35.8% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $327,100. There are on average 2.71 persons per household, the per capita income is $36,027, the median household income is $71,629, and 10.4% of the persons in New Jersey are considered below poverty level.

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  • New Jersey Criminal Records

    Do a comprehensive background search of over 500 million court, inmate, corrections, offender, and fugitive records.