Mississippi Public Records

Some exceptions are: records that would hinder ongoing investigations; records whose release would disclose private personal information about a citizen; records that would endanger the life or safety of public officials or law enforcement personnel; trade secrets; certain academic records; certain appraisal records; registries of concealed weapons permits; tax returns; and hospital records.

Use the resources below to research the more common records at the state level.  For other records, try the menus on the side.

  • Court System - The Mississippi court system has six levels. First are Municipal Courts, handling misdemeanors, ordinances, and traffic violations. Second are Justice Courts (small claims, felony prelim. hearings, misdemeanors & traffic offenses outside a municipality), and County Courts (juvenile matters, eminent domain, civil to $200K, misdemeanors, non-capital felonies). Third are Chancery Courts, which handle equity, adoption, custody, divorce, guardianship, wills, mental illness, and also juvenile matters through a Youth Court division. Fourth are Circuit Courts, which handle felony & civil cases, and appeals from lower courts. Fifth is the Court of Appeals, which reviews opinions from lower courts. Sixth is the Supreme Court, which can review cases from the Appeals court and all others.  Mississippi Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Misdemeanors and ordinance & traffic violations occurring within a city or town are handled by the Municipal Courts. Those occurring outside of a municipality are handled by Justice Courts. Some misdemeanors are handled by the County Courts, which can also oversee non-capital felonies. The Youth Court, a division of the Chancery Court, handles juvenile offenses. The Drug Court may handle drug offenses. Most felony cases are handled by the Circuit Courts.  To search records and learn about official record checks from the state, go to our Mississippi Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - Certificates are provided by: Vital Records, State Dept of Health, 571 Stadium Dr., PO Box 1700, Jackson, MS 39215, (601) 576-7960, Fax: (601) 576-7505.  Visit our Vital Records page for: Madison County birth records; the Social Security Death Index for Mississippi, and available county obituary, cemetery, and death record databases; marriage databases from available counties.


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Most Popular

Public Records


Browse or search the Mississippi State Government Telephone Directory for state government agencies. Information is provide in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.

Agency Lands

Search the Mississippi Secretary of State inventory of agency lands (public lands managed by the State) by agency or county.

Attorney General Opinions

Search Mississippi Attorney General's database of official opinions.

Bankruptcies, Judgments & Tax Liens  Pay Site

Use this Premium database to search Mississippi or U.S. Nationwide tax liens, bankruptcies, and judgments for only five dollars. Immediate results.

Campaign Finance Reports

Browse this listing of Mississippi campaign finance reports to view reports from candidates for statewide, state-district, and legislative offices.

Candidates Lists

Search by first/last name, office name and/or election to view candidate information for Mississippi state and federal legislative and judicial positions.

Charitable Organizations - Annual Reports

Browse this listing of annual reports on Mississippi charities by year and charity name.


Search or browse the Mississippi Code.

Company Search | Trademarks

Mississippi Secretary of State trademark and servicemark database.


Use this Mississippi Secretary of State service to search the Mississippi Constitution by keyword or browse through the document.

Court Decisions | Supreme Court & Court of Appeals

Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions search.

Court Dockets | Supreme Court & Court of Appeals

Search Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals dockets by party name, attorney name, or case number.

Court Records | PACER Federal District Courts  Pay Site

PACER United States District Court civil, criminal, and bankruptcy records for the Northern and Southern Districts of Mississippi.

Criminal Code

Browse the Criminal Code for Mississippi by Chapter and Title.

Driving Records

Use this Mississippi Department of Public Safety service to search for and view your current Mississippi driving record (Motor Vehicle Report or MVR). Access requires a fee.


Search the Mississippi State Government Telephone Directory by name and/or agency.

Inmates | Death Row

Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) inmates currently on death row.

Insurance - Long Term Care

Browse this directory of licensed Mississippi insurance companies offering a long term care insurance product in Adobe Acrobat format to view company name, address and phone.

Internet Securities

Mississippi Secretary of State database of internet securities filings.

Inventory of 16th Section Lands

Search this listing of lands set aside at statehood to generate revenue for Mississippi public schools by county and school board to view information including phone location, acreage and classifications.

Law Library

Search the Mississippi Supreme Court Library catalog by title, author, or keyword; or browse an alphabetical list of law reviews and bar journals.


Browse the Mississippi Legislative Bill Status System to view listings of legislative data by session in HTML or .pdf formats.

Legislators - House - MS

Information about the Mississippi State House of Representatives and its members.

Legislators - Senate - MS

Information about the Mississippi State Senate and its members.


Directory of Mississippi libraries.

Licenses | Professional, Medical & Business

Search for professional and business licenses in the State of Mississippi, including those for accountants, attorneys, appraisers, realtors, physicians, banks, credit unions, and more.

Lobbyist Compensation

Search the Mississippi Secretary of State database of Lobbyist Compensation reports by year and name.

Lobbyist Directory

Mississippi Lobbying Directory - search for Lobbyists and Lobbyists Clients by name and year.


Mississippi Department of Transportation highway, city, evacuation, plat, rails, hurricane evacuation, truck weight, railroad, transportation commission district maps, and more.

Maps | GIS

Mississippi State service set up to locate points, counties, or street addresses in Mississippi and view interactive GIS maps.


Browse by name or city, or search this Mississippi service by name for Mississippi mediators.

Minority Businesses

Use this Mississippi Development Authority service to search for certified Minority Business Enterprises operating within the state of Mississippi. Requires free registration.

Missing Children

Mississippi missing children search.

Most Wanted - Department of Public Safety

Browse this Mississippi Department of Public Safety list of most wanted fugitives by name and photo.

Most Wanted - Narcotics

Browse this Mississippi Department of Public Safety database for the Bureau of Narcotics Most Wanted. Provides name, photo, vital statistics, last-known address and charges.

Public Service Case Files

Click on "Case Files" to search the Mississippi Public Service Commission case records by company name, date, or form type.

Public Trust Tideland Leases

Search this list of Mississippi public trust tidelands leases by county to view leaseholder, acreage, and lease date and time span.

Restaurant Inspections

Mississippi Department of Health food inspection results.


Search this Clarion Ledger database for scholarships at Mississippi's universities by school, major, amount, and/or deadline.

School Districts

Browse this directory of Mississippi school districts by county to view school board name, superintendent, address, phone and fax.

School Report Cards

Find the Mississippi Department of Education school report card ofr public school districts.

Sovereignty Commission Records

Mississippi Department of Archives & History Sovereignty Commission Records. The Commission was established in 1956 to "shore up the walls of racial separation."

Tax Liens

Mississippi's Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) tax lien searches.

Tax Permits & Refunds

Check the status of your State of Mississippi tax refund, register for taxes, or verify the status of a tax permits.

Mississippi is located in the southern United States. The Capital is Jackson and the largest city is Jackson.  The Official Web Site is located at http://www.ms.gov/.  Mississippi is the 31st most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 2,994,079 and the 2010 census population was 2,968,103.  The land area is 46,923.27 square miles and there are 63.2 persons per square mile.

59.8% of the population is White, 37.4% is Black or African American, 2.9% is Hispanic or Latino, 1% is Asian, 0.6% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.1% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 1.1% are two or more races. 81.5% are a high school graduate or higher, and 20.1% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $99,900. There are on average 2.65 persons per household, the per capita income is $20,618, the median household income is $39,031, and 22.7% of the persons in Mississippi are considered below poverty level.

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  • Mississippi Criminal Records

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