Here's a description of the Mississippi court system.  There are six levels of courts in Mississippi.  At the first level are Municipal Courts, which are responsible for misdemeanors, ordinance & traffic violations. At the second level are Justice Courts (responsible for small claims, felony preliminary hearings, misdemeanors, and traffic offenses outside a municipality), and County Courts (responsible for juvenile matters, eminent domain, civil cases up to $200, 000, misdemeanors, and non-capital felonies). At the third level are Chancery Courts that handle equity, adoption, custody, divorce, guardianship, wills, mental illness, and juvenile matters through a Youth Court division. At the fourth level are Circuit Courts, which handle felony cases, civil cases, and appeals from lower courts. At the next level is the Court of Appeals, which reviews opinions from lower courts. At the top is the Supreme Court, which can review cases from the Appeals court and all other courts.

Of the databases listed below, the PACER service, the Search Systems Premium judgment, bankruptcy, tax lien database, and the Adams and DeSoto Counties circuit court and judgment services require a fee.  The rest are free.


Mississippi PACER United States District Court Records

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