Kentucky Public Records

Exceptions to open records include test questions used for licensing examinations, formulas used in real estate appraisals, ongoing investigation records, and records containing information of a personal nature where the public disclosure thereof would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

Consider this your starting point for statewide record searches.  We’ve put the most useful and common resources here.  Reach for county and city records by utilizing the toolbars in the side margin.

  • Court System - The Kentucky court system has four levels. At the first is the District Court, which handles juvenile matters, ordinances, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, probate, arraignments, felony hearings, small claims, civil cases under $5K, mental commitments & domestic violence cases. At the second level is the general jurisdiction Circuit Court, which handles civil cases over $5K, felonies, land title disputes, and contested probate cases. A Family Court division handles matters of divorce, child custody, adoption & domestic violence. At the third level is the Court of Appeals, which reviews decisions by the lower courts. At the fourth level is the Supreme Court, which reviews appeals from the lower courts, and all decisions resulting in death penalty & long-term imprisonment.  Kentucky Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Misdemeanors, traffic offenses, and felony preliminary hearings are handled by the District Courts. Felonies are handled by the Circuit Courts. The toughest cases are handled by US Marshal Raylen Givens.  For access to databases and information on criminal searches within the bluegrass state, kindly refer to our Kentucky Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - Certificate copies are available through the: Office of Vital Statistics, 275 East Main Street 1E-A, Frankfort, KY 40621, (502) 564-4212, Fax: (502) 227-0032.  Consult our Vital Records page for historical statewide & county birth indexes; the Social Security Death Index for Kentucky, statewide cemeteries; statewide historical death indexes; and available city & county databases for deaths, burials, cemeteries, and obituaries; statewide historical marriages, and available county marriage databases; and divorce records between 1973 and 1993.


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Most Popular

Public Records

Administrative Regulations

Browse Kentucky Administrative Regulations by title, chapter, and section, or search by keyword. Gives full text for all regulations.

Arts Resources for Teachers & Schools

Search the Kentucky Arts Council Arts Toolkit database for Arts Resources for Teachers & Schools. Search by last name/organization, KDE service region, arts discipline, and/or level of expertise.

Atlas & Gazetteer

Kentucky Atlas & Gazetteer geographic information, including parks and preserves.

Attorney General Opinions

Opinions of the Kentucky Attorney General by year.

Births and Christenings 1839-1960

Kentucky births and christenings recorded between 1839 and 1960.

Campaign Finance

This database allows you to search for Campaign Finance information in Kentucky by candidate, contributor, organization, election date, individual name, organization name, city, zipcode, employer, occupation, contribution amount, date range, contributor type, and/or contribution mode.

Cemetery Records

Kentucky Tombstone Transcription Project cemetery records and photos of inscriptions.

Charities | Active Promotions

Kentucky Attorney General list of currently active charity campaigns.

City and Town Records

Search public records free in Kentucky cities and towns.

Coal Data

Searches for various types of Kentucky coal data including header data for coal borehole locations, coal production data for Kentucky since 1790, and an online version of a field guide.

Coal Miner Deaths

Browse these databases of Kentucky Coal Miner Deaths by county and year.

Company Search | Business Name Availability

Search for Business Name Availability through the Kentucky Secretary of State.


Browse Kentucky state constitution by section or search by keyword. Gives full text of section, subject, ratification date, and history of each section.

County & Commonwealth Attorneys

Kentucky County & Commonwealth Attorneys by county.

County Records

Search public records free in Kentucky counties.

Court Dockets | Supreme Court

Kentucky Supreme Court docket search by attorney's name, case number, circuit case or litigants to view case info, stepsheet, associated cases, circuit info, attorneys and litigants.

Court of Appeals Opinions

Search the Kentucky Court of Justice database of the Kentucky Court of Appeals published opinions.

Court Records | PACER Federal District Courts  Pay Site

PACER United States District Court civil, criminal, and bankruptcy records for the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky.

Courts | Judges, Clerks, Officers & Administrators

Kentucky Court of Justice index of Judges, Clerks, Administrators, Workers, Master Commissioners, Mediators, Pretrial Officers, and Supreme Court Justices.

Criminal Histories

Kentucky Court of Justice criminal history background reports.

Deaths and Burials 1843-1970

Index of over 600,000 Kentucky deaths and burial records filed between 1843 and 1970.

Driver History Records  Pay Site

Order a three year Kentucky Driving History Record here.

Election Candidates

Search for County and State Election Candidates in Kentucky.

Foreclosures | Kentucky Housing Corporation

Kentucky Housing Corporation foreclosure properties for sale.

Foundations & Charitable Organizations

Kentucky Attorney General lists of registered charities, private foundations, fundraising consultants, and professional solicitors.

Geologic Maps & Surveys

Kentucky Geologic Maps and Surveys. Provided by the University of Kentucky.

Government Employee Telephone Listings

Search the Kentucky State Government Telephone Listings for contact information for government employees.

Health Services and Facilities

Browse the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services Office of Certificate of Need inventory of health services, facilities and major medical equipment to view information including name, county and other details.

Historical Society Digital Collection

Search the Kentucky Historical Society Digital Collection for manuscripts maps, photographs, and collections by keyword(s), creator/contributor, county, locale, date, collection type, and/or digital resource.

Inmates | VineLink

Find offenders and inmates in Kentucky by facility, name, DOB or age range.


Browse Kentucky bills, resolutions, & amendments by year & number. Gives full text with amendments, author(s), summary, and complete history of actions.


Search for members of the Kentucky Senate or House of Representatives.

Libraries - Academic

Use this service of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives to browse their alphabetical listing of academic libraries in Kentucky. Provides name, address, telephone/fax numbers and other contact information.

Libraries - Public

Browse this directory of Kentucky public libraries by county to view information including library name, address, phone, fax and contact.

Licenses - Professional, Medical & Business

Kentucky professional, medical, and business license databases and license verification services.

Lobbyists & Employers

Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission lists of lobbyists, employers, legislative agents, expenses, and compensation.

Marriages 1785-1979

Index of over 1.5 million Kentucky marriage records filed between 1785 and 1979.

Mine Maps

Search the Kentucky Mine Mapping Information System by map, county, or 7.5' quadrangle for available mine maps and known mined out areas.

Missing Children

Kentucky missing children search.

Most Wanted

Browse this Kentucky state police database by name, photo, and crime committed for a list of the most wanted fugitives.

Place Names Database

Search for places in Kentucky by name, type (church, airport, office, knob, stream, etc.), county, or source of information. Site fills in unknown information.

Property Value Administrators

Index of Property Value Administrators from the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

Protective Orders

Kentucky protective orders by case number, respondent name, and county of issuance.


Kentucky Department of Education schools directory.

Schools & Districts

Kentucky Department of Education schools and school districts.

State Bar Pass Lists

Browse lists of people who passed recent Kentucky state bar exams. Gives name and exam month.


Search Kentucky revised statutes by keyword or browse by title, chapter, and section. Gives full text, summary, effective date, and history of each statute.


Use this Kentucky Secretary of State Service of Summons Lookup Service to search for summonses serviced in the last six months.

Supreme Court Opinions

Search the Kentucky Court of Justice database of the Kentucky Supreme Court's published opinions.

Trademarks & Service Marks

Search Kentucky Trademarks & Service Marks by word mark, description, name, or registration number.

Uniform Commercial Code

UCC filing search from the Kentucky Secretary of State. Document copies are provided in pdf format for free.

Vanity Plates

Kentucky Vehicle Information System search for available personalized plates.

Water Wells & Springs

Kentucky Water Well & Spring record database.

Kentucky is located in the eastern south-central region of the United States. The Capital is Frankfort and the largest city is Louisville.  The Official Web Site is located at  Kentucky is the 26th most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 4,413,457 and the 2010 census population was 4,339,349.  The land area is 39,486.34 square miles and there are 109.9 persons per square mile.

88.5% of the population is White, 8.2% is Black or African American, 3.3% is Hispanic or Latino, 1.3% is Asian, 0.3% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.1% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 1.7% are two or more races. 83% are a high school graduate or higher, and 21.5% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $120,400. There are on average 2.50 persons per household, the per capita income is $23,462, the median household income is $43,036, and 18.8% of the persons in Kentucky are considered below poverty level.

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  • Kentucky Criminal Records

    Do a comprehensive background search of over 500 million court, inmate, corrections, offender, and fugitive records.