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Exceptions apply to records that would infringe on personal privacy, endanger public safety, or hinder active investigations or operations of the government.

Here you have easy access to the most widely used and appreciated statewide resources.  Scroll down to find those resources, or use the side menu to find more databases for state licensing.  Menus for city and county resources are located there as well.

  • Court System - The Idaho court system has three levels. At the first are the District Court and Magistrate Division. The District Court handles felony cases, civil cases of higher amounts, and appeals from the Magistrate. The Magistrate handles misdemeanors, civil cases of lower amounts, juvenile, family law, probate, and small claims. At the second level is the Court of Appeals, founded in 1981 to handle some of the caseload from the Supreme Court. At the top is the Idaho Supreme Court, which reviews decisions from the lower courts and assigns certain appealed cases to the Court of Appeals.  Idaho Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Felony cases are heard in District Court. Misdemeanor and juvenile cases are heard in the Magistrate Division. Criminal court records are generally not made available to the public in Idaho, except through the State Police. As an alternative to checking for court records, we recommend a search of Department of Corrections records, which include misdemeanor and felony convictions. For those databases and more, go to our Idaho Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - For copies of certificates, write to:  Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics, 450 W. State St., 1st Floor, PO Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720, (208) 334-5988 (recording), Fax: (208) 389-9096.  Visit our Vital Records page for Idaho births and christenings from 1856 to 1965; the Death Index for Idaho (Social Security), and various historical death, cemetery, and obituary databases; statewide historical marriage databases; information on ordering divorce certificates, and a link to Payette County recorded documents (including divorce decrees).


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Most Popular

Public Records

Administrative Rules

Search this Idaho Department of Administration database by word or phrase for Idaho Administrative Rules.

Agriculture - Pesticides

Search the Idaho Department of Agriculture databases of registered pesticides. Search by company name, product name, pest, formulation type, active ingredient, company ID, EPA ID, site (crop), pesticide type, or by multiple criteria.

Alcohol & Drug Education Programs - Third Judicial District

The Third Judicial District Court of Idaho provides this listing of approved alcohol & drug education programs, with information including company/director names, address, phone and bilingual status.

Anger Management Programs - Third Judicial District

The Third Judicial District Court of Idaho provides this listing of approved anger management programs, with information including company/director names, address, phone and bilingual status.

Attorney General Opinions

Search or browse the Idaho Attorney General's database of its opinions, guidelines and certificates of review from 1975 - present by year or topic in Adobe Acrobat format.

Attorneys | State Bar

Membership roster of the Idaho Bar Association.


Choose from six areas of interest: outdoor recreation, scenic drives, museums and cultural, Lewis & Clark, family fun or winter activities.

Available Sites

State of Idaho available land, buildings, businesses, and sites.

Births and Christenings 1856-1965

Limited database of Idaho Births and Christenings recorded between 1856 and 1965.

Campaign Finance Disclosure

Search the Idaho Secretary of State's campaign finance database by contributors, office, type of committee, candidate, or committee name, and view summary figures.

Campgrounds Database

Choose either campground or RV Park/Resort; then search by location or amenities and services required. Provides property name, nearest city or town, ownership and provides link for making reservations.

Child Custody Mediators

The Supreme Court of Idaho provides this listing of registered child custody mediators broken down by district, with information including name, address, phone, and e-mail address.

Civil War Veterans

Browse this Idaho State Historical Society roster (PDF format) by name for Civil War veterans who migrated to Idaho.


State of Idaho Constitution search.

County Clerks

Use this State of Idaho service to browse by county for County Clerk contact information and web sites.

Court Rules

Idaho Court Rules, including: Appellate; Court Administrative; Criminal; Infraction; Juvenile; Misdemeanor Criminal; Civil Procedure; Rules of Evidence; and Rules of Family Law Procedure.

Criminal History Information  Information

Information from the Idaho Criminal History Unit of the Department of Health and Welfare on how to obtain criminal histories.

Death Certificates 1911-1937

Search Idaho death certificates recorded between 1911 and 1937.

Death Index 1911-1951 (BYUI)

Search for death certificates from 1911 to 1951 with this BYU Idaho database.

Death Index 1911-1951 (RootsWeb)

Browse or search this RootsWeb database by name for Idaho death certificates filed between 1911 and 1951.

Deaths and Burials 1907-1965

Idaho deaths and burials recorded between 1907 and 1965.

Deaths | Eastern Idaho

Brigham Young University Idaho (BYUI) database of death records in Eastern Idaho.

Driver Records

Qualified businesses, individuals and government agents may for a fee use this Idaho Transportation Department service to search for Idaho Driver License Records.

Histories - Snake River Valley

Search this Brigham Young University Idaho (BYUI) database for Snake River Valley Histories by keyword, use the advanced search feature, or browse the collection by pioneer name.

Licenses | Professional, Medical & Business

Verify professional and business licenses in Idaho. Includes physicians, nurses, dentists, attorneys, CPAs, realtors, contractors, and many more.

Liquor Products

Browse the Idaho State Liquor Dispensary by name for registered product lists and pricing. Information provided in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.


Select the year and then download and browse Adobe Acrobat pdf databases of Idaho Lobbyists or Lobbyist Employers.

Marriages 1878-1942

Marriages in Idaho recorded between 1878 and 1898 and between 1903 and 1942.

Missing Children

Idaho missing children search.

Missing Persons

Idaho State Police missing persons clearinghouse.

Most Wanted

Idaho Department of Correction Probation and Parole Division most wanted fugitives.

Mother's Pension Records 1913-1935

Browse the Idaho State Historical Society by name for Mother's Pension Records ("payment to mothers and orphans under certain circumstances").

State Parks

Need a vacation? Search by location (city, recreation area, highway, region), activity, or amenity for a State Park in Idaho.


Idaho State Legislature search for State statutes.


Idaho Secretary of State trademark and service mark search.


Idaho Election Information voter registration verification.

Idaho is located in the northwestern United States. The Capital is Boise and the largest city is Boise.  The Official Web Site is located at  Idaho is the 39th most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 1,634,464 and the 2010 census population was 1,567,652.  The land area is 82,643.12 square miles and there are 19 persons per square mile.

93.7% of the population is White, 0.8% is Black or African American, 11.8% is Hispanic or Latino, 1.4% is Asian, 1.7% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.2% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 2.2% are two or more races. 88.8% are a high school graduate or higher, and 25.1% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $162,100. There are on average 2.68 persons per household, the per capita income is $22,568, the median household income is $46,767, and 15.5% of the persons in Idaho are considered below poverty level.

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  • Idaho Criminal Records

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