Oklahoma Criminal Records

1) Oklahoma Warrants and Most Wanted Directory.  Search for criminal wants and warrants in Oklahoma.

2) Free searches - listed below. Oklahoma offers excellent access to criminal record databases online. We suggest you start with the resource below titled “Court Records | ODCR On Demand” and search for criminal cases in available county, appellate, and tribal courts of Oklahoma. You can also use the resource below titled “Court Records | OSCN” and search the Oklahoma State Courts Network for criminal & traffic court records and dockets in 13 counties. We also list resources below for Department of Corrections inmates, federal inmates, registered and violent offenders statewide, and federal criminal court records (through the inexpensive PACER system).

3) Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Another option is to use the resource below titled “Criminal Histories (Information)” for details on how to obtain a statewide criminal record history check from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). They offer a $15 name search and a $19 fingerprint search, and report serious misdemeanors and felonies. Additional searches for Department of Corrections S-Offenders and Violent Offenders are available, for $2 each. In-person requests can be completed within a few minutes. Mailed or faxed requests can take one to three weeks. The OSBI criminal history check does not include federal records, so we recommend a PACER search, as well as a search of federal inmates.

4) Search Systems State, National, and International Criminal Records. Criminals don't stop at state borders.  Expand your search with our Search Systems Premium criminal record database - the largest available to the public online containing over 400 million criminal records in all states.  Includes over 70 national and international terrorist, debarred persons, and most wanted databases.  The cost per search is $14.95 and results are immediate.  See Inside Edition's report on YouTube.

Our Oklahoma records include statewide felony convictions; District Court misdemeanor and felony convictions from 75 Oklahoma counties; Department of Corrections inmate records; registered offenders; registered offenders from five Native American tribes; and misdemeanor and felony convictions from 3 tribal courts. A search of Oklahoma records only is $9.95, immediate results.

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