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Later on as we added thousands more records, people asked us to organize them by category or type of record as well.  This section of the site is the result.  The category of records you find here are the ones that we've most often been asked to provide. 

There are other types of public records that are widespread in our site but not listed here, such as city and county ordinances, and permit databases.  Those haven't been separated out into a category section as people as we haven't received any requests, so if you're looking for those you'll find at their respective city, county, or state page.

If you're looking for jail and inmate records you'll find them in the "Criminal Records" section.  Rather than separate those out into a category section, we put them into one easy-to-navigate area where in addtion to offender records you may also access criminal court records, criminal histories, cold cases, crime maps, and arrests,


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