Massachusetts Criminal Records

Massachusetts has strict rules about releasing criminal records to the public. They will not transmit their data to online companies, nor allow their data to be resold elsewhere.

No one other than the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services may offer Massachusetts criminal searches, therefore we cannot include this as a statewide option in our Premium Criminal Records search.

For Massachusetts searches you have three options:

1) Massachusetts Warrants and Most Wanted Directory.  Search for criminal wants and warrants in Massachusetts.

2) Free searches – listed below. What you can search online in Massachusetts: Department of Corrections inmate databases, federal inmate databases, Supreme and Appeals Court databases, registered offender databases, federal criminal court records (through the inexpensive PACER service), and arrest logs and police incident databases in various cities and towns. All of those resources are listed below.

3) Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services. To obtain a criminal history of misdemeanor and felony convictions, you can order the report through the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services. The cost is $30 per search, and results are mailed back in 3-5 days. They have restrictions on the types of records available and the persons who may order them.

4) Local researchers. You can hire a court researcher or private investigator to go into local court houses to search superior court records. Many process server companies will also do court research.

Beyond Massachusetts -- If you are interested in a nationwide search, we offer Search Systems State, National, and International Criminal Records. Be advised, a nationwide search will only include one database from Massachusetts - their registered offender database. Outside of that, it includes over 550 million criminal records from the other 49 states, plus over 75 national and international terrorist, debarred persons, and most wanted databases. The cost per search is $14.95 and results are immediate.  See Inside Edition's report on YouTube.

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