Delaware Criminal Records

1) Delaware Warrants and Most Wanted Directory.  Search for criminal wants and warrants in Delaware.

2) Free searches - listed below. Delaware provides a limited range of criminal record databases. To do your own search we suggest that you start with the resource below for “Criminal Court Orders & Opinions.” That database includes criminal court orders and opinions from statewide Common Pleas, Superior, and Supreme Courts, since 2000. Keep in mind these are court orders within cases -- these are not the complete case files. You can also use the resources below to search for federal inmates, state death row inmates, most wanted registered offenders, registered offenders, and PACER U.S. District Court federal criminal records (an inexpensive pay service).

3) Delaware State Bureau of Identification. Another option is to visit one of the locations authorized by the Delaware State Bureau of Identification. Use the resource below for details on how to order a criminal history search on yourself only. The fee is $52.50 for the state criminal search, and $69 for a combined State and federal search. Results are mailed. If you need an official check on yourself, this is the best option; if you are researching another person’s records, refer to option #1 above.

4) Search Systems State, National, and International Criminal Records.  Expand your search with our Search Systems Premium criminal record database - the largest available to the public online containing over 450 million criminal records in all states.  Includes over 70 national and international terrorist, debarred persons, and most wanted databases.  The cost per search is $14.95 and results are immediate.  See Inside Edition's report on YouTube.

NOTE: The State only provides us with registered sex offender records. For a full Delaware criminal record search, we recommend you also consider options 1 and 2.

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  • Delaware Criminal Records

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