California Criminal Records

1) California Warrants and Most Wanted Directory.  Search for criminal wants and warrants in California.

2) Free searches - listed below. Be aware: California Penal Code section 11105 makes it illegal to provide a full statewide criminal history to anyone outside of law enforcement, except to the person who is the subject of the report. To search the criminal records of someone else you must submit fingerprints of applicants and be authorized by the state as a: contractor; employer; in-home supportive care provider; youth organization; human resources agency; contract/proprietary security organization; city, county or special district; school or other authorized agency.  If you aren’t authorized by the State of California, then your best option is to check county court records. We suggest checking the free county and city resources below for arrests, inmates, court dates, court records, crime maps, and traffic court records. You can also look under the “Featured Public Records” area for statewide California Department of Corrections inmate records, Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates, Federal PACER system criminal court records (an inexpensive pay site).

3) California Department of Justice.  Below you’ll find a link to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) for information on how to order a statewide criminal history check on yourself. A self-check costs $25 and requires Live Scan and fingerprints. This does not include U.S. Federal Records, so we recommend a PACER search as well.  For searches on another individual, see the discussion in the paragraphs above.  By law the DOJ is the ONLY resource that will provide a full California statewide criminal record search.

4) Search Systems State, National, and International Criminal Records.  Expand your search with our Search Systems Premium criminal record database - the largest available to the public online containing over 400 million criminal records in all states.  Includes over 70 national and international terrorist, debarred persons, and most wanted databases.  The cost per search is $14.95 and results are immediate. See Inside Edition's report on YouTube.

Our California records include court records from 28 counties; Department of Corrections current inmate records; and registered offender records. A search of California records only is $9.95, immediate results.

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  • California Criminal Records

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