In Pennsylvania, there are minor courts, general trial courts, and appellate courts. The latter consist of the Commonwealth Court, the Superior Court, and the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

The minor courts are called Magisterial Courts in every county except Philadelphia. These courts handle small claims and minor criminal cases. Philadelphia has a county Municipal Court and a Traffic Court.

The general trial courts are the Courts of Common Pleas, which handle civil, criminal, family, juvenile delinquency, and probate cases. The civil records clerk of the Court of Common Pleas is known as the Prothonotary.

Pennsylvania also has a Register of Wills for probate matters.

Use the Featured resources below to access statewide Common Pleas and Magisterial District Court records. We also offer resources for Appellate Courts docket sheets; child support dockets; and Prothonotary, Orphans Court, domestic relations, divorces, Common Pleas, judgments, probate, and municipal court records from available counties.


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