New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, there is a Circuit Court, a Superior Court, and a Supreme Court.Hampshire.  The Circuit Court, established in 2011, contains three divisions. The District Division handles misdemeanors, traffic violations, small claims, and civil cases up to $25,000. The Probate Division handles trusts, wills, estates, adoptions, guardianship matters, and involuntary admissions. The Family Division handles divorces, domestic violence petitions, parental rights, child support, and juvenile delinquency cases.

The Superior Court hears jury trials for civil cases of all amounts, felonies, and misdemeanor appeals from the Circuit Court.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court hears appeals from the lower courts and administrative agencies.

Trial court records are not available online in New Hampshire. You should contact the Clerk of Court in writing to obtain copies of records, which may involve a fee.

Below you will find links to Superior Court Orders, Superior Court daily docket sheets, Supreme Court opinions, and U.S. District Court federal civil, criminal, and bankruptcy records.

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