Massachusetts has trial courts and appellate courts. The appellate courts consist of the Appeals Court, and the Supreme Judicial Court.

The Trial Court Departments are divided as follows: Boston Municipal Court handles contract & torts, small claims, and non-prison criminal cases; District Court handles misdemeanors, violations, minor felonies, small claims, and civil cases under $25,000; Housing Court deals with issues regarding use of real property; Juvenile Court handles cases regarding youth delinquency, protection, offender, and parental rights; Probate & Family Court handles divorce, paternity, family, guardianship, and domestic violence cases; Land Court handles real property title registration and disputes; and the Superior Court handles civil actions over $25,000, labor disputes, medical malpractice, first degree murder, and other felonies.

Massachusetts does not make case records from the Trial Court Departments searchable online by case name or party name. You can, however, search the Trial Court Law Library database by keyword or subject. Resources for U.S. District Court records, and Supreme & Appellate Court records are listed below.

To contact the Trial Court Departments, use these general numbers:

Boston Municipal Court Department - 617-788-8700

District Court Department - 617-788-8810,

Housing Court Department - 617-788-8485

Juvenile Court Department - 617-788-6550

Land Court Department - 617-788-7470

Probate and Family Court Department - 617-788-6600

Superior Court Department - 617-788-8130

Commissioner of Probation - 617-727-5300.

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