In Hawaii, there are limited jurisdiction courts, general jurisdiction trial courts, and appellate courts. The appellate courts consist of the Intermediate Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

District Courts handle misdemeanors, traffic infractions & civil cases under $20,000.

Circuit Courts are the general jurisdiction trial courts, and preside over civil cases of all amounts, criminal misdemeanor & felony, probate, and guardianship cases. Circuit Courts have concurrent jurisdiction with the District Courts in civil non-jury cases between $10,000 and $20,000.

The Tax Appeal Court is a statewide court with exclusive jurisdiction over all excise, liquor, tobacco, property, income, and insurance tax cases.

Land Court is a statewide court with exclusive jurisdiction over all title and easement rights.

Family Courts are divisions of both District & Circuit Courts and handle parental rights, adoption, guardianship, detention, divorce, and non-support cases.

The “Court Records” resource below provides most records you would need in Hawaii. Also available below are databases for U.S. District Court records, and Appellate Court opinions.

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