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The FBI keeps criminal history records taken from submitted fingerprint submissions that come from arrests, military service, federal employment, and naturalizations.  For information on how to request a copy of your record or proof that a record for you does not exist, go to FBI Criminal Background Check Request.

If you want to search United States District Court records for Federal civil, criminal, bankruptcy, or appeals cases, use the PACER system.  PACER requires registration and a small fee for each search, but that fee is minimal.

Click on "Inmates | Federal Bureau of Prisons" to search for United States Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates such as Bernie Madoff. 

Search Systems provides the largest database of online criminal records available.  To search over 400 million available criminal records at once and get instant rsults for only $14.95, go to Search Systems Nationwide Criminal Records searches.  Now included are over 70 terrorist and debarred persons databases.

Or click on a link below to search other available U.S. nationwide and federal recources.


Criminal Records in U.S. States and Counties

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