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Public Records

Census 1790

Searchable database of over 410,000 1790 U.S. census records.

Census 1800

Search over 540,000 1800 census records or browse over 18,000 images of census schedules and view or download records.

Census 1810

1810 United States Census containing over 828,000 records and 28,000 schedule images.

Census 1820

Search over 1.2 million records of the 1820 U.S. census, over browse through 38,000 images of census schedules.

Census 1830

Browse and view or download over 152,000 schedule images or search over 1.8 million 1830 U.S. census records.

Census 1840

Database of over 2.5 million records from the U.S. 1840 census. Search by name or browse over 197,000 images of schedules.

Census 1850

Search over 4.2 million 1850 United States Federal Census records or browse over 974,000 schedule images.

Census 1850 Mortality Schedule

1850 Federal Census of residents who died between June 1849 and May 1850.

Census 1850 Slave Schedule

Search over 3.3 million records from the 1850 United States Federal Census slave schedule. Lists slave owners and the number, gender, age, and color of slaves.

Census 1860

1850 United States Federal Census records. Search by name and birth, marriage, residence, death, spousal name, or parent name.

Census 1870

Search 1870 United States Federal Census records and view or download images of over 1 million population schedules.

Census 1880

Search 1880 United States Federal Census records or view over 2.1 million images.

Census 1890

1890 United States Census records. Unfortunately only a small number of records still exist.

Census 1900

Search over 3.2 million 1900 United States Census Record images.

Census 1910

Search over million United States 1910 Federal Census records or browse images of over 2 million schedules.

Census 1920

Search 107 million 1920 United States Federal Census records by name, year range, and/or location.

Census 1930

United States 1930 Census. Covers U.S. States, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Consular Services.

Census 1940

Free FamilySearch database of over 39 million 1940 U.S. Census records.

Census Map

U.S. Census Bureau interactive map of business data and demographics.

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