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Italy Public Records

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Public Records

Africo Births & Marriages

Browse Rootsweb for Africo, Reggio Calabria, Italy online records including marriages, births and surnames.

Apice Phone Listings

Searh the Apice, Provincia di Benevento, Italy phone listings.

Births and Baptisms in Italy 1806-1900

Search almost 2 million birth and baptism records filed in Italy between 1806 and 1900.

Births, Deaths & Marriages

Use this service to find out how to obtain vital records in Italy. Some links listed on this site require a fee.

Caccamo Surnames

Browse the Pallante Center for Italian Research's list of Caccamo, Sicilia, Italy surnames by letter.

Calitri Birth Records 1649 - 1910

Browse the Calitri Connections Birth Records for Calitri, Campania, Italy by year. Provides name of child and parents and birth date.

Calitri Census Records 1753

Browse the Calitri Connections Census Records for Calitri, Campania, Italy.

Castellino Births, Deaths & Marriages 1809 - 1910

Browse an Italian Records page for Castellino del Biferno, Campobasso, Molise, Italy birth, death, and marriage records.

Celenza Births, Deaths & Marriages 1809 - 1920

Browse an Italian Records page for Celenza sul Trigno, Italy birth, marriage and death records.

Cities & Towns

Search for Italian locations (cities and towns).

Contessa Entellina Genealogy

Collection of Contessa Entellina, Sicilia, Italy genealogy information including birth, marriage, and death records.

Deaths and Burials in Italy 1809-1900

Search over 400,000 Italy death and burial records filed between 1809 and 1900.

Government and Legal Information in Italy

Search legal information for Italy and access government resources for courts and case law, education, government, lawyers, legislation, Parliament, banking and finance, the environment, and other government and legal information.

Holy See (Vatican City) | Government and Legal Information

Search legal information for the Holy See and access government resources for Holy See law, legislation, treaties, international agreements,, and other government and legal information.

Marano Marchesato Genealogy Records

Browse a Rootsweb collection of Online Records from Marano Marchesato, Calabria, Italy including family trees, civil records, draft and war information.

Marriages in Italy 1809-1900

Search over 400,000 marriage records filed in Italy between 1809 and 1900.

Miglionico Births, Deaths & Marriages 1800s

In Internet Explorer, search Miglionico, Basilicata, Italy birth, death and marriage records by keyword. Requires Java.

Missing Children

Search for missing children from Italy by child/abductor, length of time missing, region, physical description, name and type of case. Results viewable in several languages.

Missing Persons - Italy

Browse this alphabetical listing of missing persons in Italy to view information including name, photo, age, nationality, physical description and date/place of disappearance.

Petralia Sottana Birth Records 1885 - 1895

Browse the Petralia Sottana Researcher collection for Petralia Sottana, Sicilia, Italy birth records in jpg format.

Phone Directory - White Pages - Pronto

Search this directory of residential phone listings.

Phone Directory | White Pages

Paginebianche White Pages residential and business phone listings in Italy.

Phone Directory | Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages business phone listings in Italy.

Piana degli Albanesi Vital Records 1820-1910

Browse for Piana degli Albanesi, Italy birth, marriage, and death records 1829-1910. At that time it was known as Piana dei Greci.

San Cataldo Death Records 1886-1895

Browse an alphabetical list of San Cataldo, Sicilia, Italy death records from 1886-1895.

San Cataldo Immigrants 1903 - 1909

Browse San Cataldo, Sicilia, Italy shiplists from the early 20th century. Provides ship name, departure city, name, age, date of voyage, and marital status.

San Cataldo Marriage Records 1866-1875

Browse an alphabetical list of San Cataldo, Sicilia, Italy marriage records from 1866-1875.

Santa Caterina Villarmosa Births, Deaths & Marriages 1866-WWI

Browse a collection of pdf files containing marriage, birth and death indexes for Santa Caterina Villarmosa, Sicilia, Italy.

Sersale Births, Deaths & Marriages 1809 - 1910

Browse Sersale, Calabria, Italy birth, marriage and death records by year.

Stolen Art

Use this IntestigArte service to search for stolen artwork in Italy.

Surname Ethymology and Origins

Italian surname meanings and origins.

Tito Births, Deaths & Marriages 1809 - 1859

Browse the Commune di Tito Civil Records for Tito, Basilicata birth, death and marriage records by year.

Trabia Death Records 1891

Browse a list of jpg files containing Trabia, Palermo, Sicily death records from 1891.

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