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Unclaimed Property

Each state has different procedures for recovery, so check the rules carefully.  Typically unclaimed property consists of forgotten savings accounts, insurance proceeds, bonds, stocks, insurance rebates, security deposits, safe deposit box contents, and other valuables.  Each state tries to make the process relatively easy for the owner or legitmate heir to make their claim.  And if you'd like to search multiple states at once, using the "Missing Money" link listed below.


Australia Unclaimed Property

Canada Unclaimed Property

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Type in your name or business name and find if you own any unclaimed property in Alabama. Allows you to file a claim for the property on the website and track the progress of the claim.


Alaska Department of Treasury searchable database for unclaimed property.


Arizona unclaimed property database provided by the Arizona Department of Revenue. Search for property or use the online instructions to file a claim.


Arkansas Auditor of State "Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt" service. Find unclaimed property or check the status of your claim.


California State Controller's Office database of unclaimed property. Provides the owner name, address that they have on file, type of property, amount and, and instructions on how to make a claim.


Colorado State Treasurer "Payback" service. Provides names of people that have unclaimed property and information on what to do if you are on the list. Claim can be submitted online.


Connecticut State Treasury database of unclaimed property, searchable by name or property ID.


Delaware Department of Finance, Division of Revenue unclaimed property. Search the most recent list of download pdf documents of previous lists.

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Office of the Chief Financial Officer unclaimed property program administered by


Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Property, Division of Accounting and Auditing service called the "Great Florida Treasure Hunt." Everything you need to find property and make a claim.


Georgia Department of Revenue unclaimed property program.


Hawaii Department of Budget & Finance unclaimed property. Search by business or individual name.


Idaho State Treasurer's Office online unclaimed property search.


Search the Illinois State Treasurers office records if you think you may have unclaimed property or are heir to unclaimed property in IL. Online forms available to reclaim property owed.


Unclaimed property database in Indiana from the Indiana Attorney General.


Search Iowa State Treasurer records for unclaimed property. Gives address, city, state, zip code, and information on how to stake a claim.


Kansas State Treasurer unclaimed property search.


Kentucky State Treasurer unclaimed property database.


Louisiana Department of the Treasury Unclaimed Property Division. Find property or check on the status of a claim.


State of Maine State Treasurer online unclaimed property service to search for, report, or claim property.


Comptroller of Maryland online unclaimed property service.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of the State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division database of abandoned or unclaimed property. Search for property or check on the status of a claim.


Michigan Department of Treasury unclaimed property database.


Minnesota Department of Commerce unclaimed property database.


Mississippi State Treasurer unclaimed property records.


Unclaimed property database from the Missouri State Treasurer.


Unclaimed property search provided by the Montana Department of Revenue.


Nebraska State Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Division repository. Search provides property ID, owner name, value, county, and claim form.


Nevada State Treasurer records by name and optionally check the status of a an unclaimed property claim.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of the Treasury unclaimed and abandoned property service. Search provided my MissingMoney.

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of the Treasury Unclaimed Property Administration. Search for lost assets, file a claim, or view the current status of a claim.

New Mexico

Information on and access to the New Mexico unclaimed property database.

New York

New York Office of the Stage Comptroller Office of Unclaimed funds. Search for lost funds, claim lost money, or check your claim status. New York has over $12 billion in unclaimed funds.

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of the State Treasurer unclaimed cash claim service. Also available are claim forms and instructions for making a claim.

North Dakota

Unclaimed property database maintained by the North Dakota Department of Trust Lands. Search by individual or business name, city, or zip code.


Search by name for unclaimed property or funds in Ohio. Provided by the Ohio Department of Commerce Unclaimed Funds Division.


Search Oklahoma State Treasurer records for unclaimed property such as savings accounts, stocks, bonds, rebates, refunds, insurance funds, royalties, and more.


Oregon unclaimed property program from the Department of State Lands. Search by name for unclaimed insurance proceeds, tax refunds, rebates salary, payroll, and more. Provides name, address, property details, and claim process.


Pennsylvania Treasury unclaimed property database. Search by name or check the status of your claim.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Office of the General Treasurer in partnership with MissingMoney unclaimed property service.

South Carolina

South Carolina Office of the State Treasurer unclaimed accounts, funds, and property.

South Dakota

South Dakota Office of the State Treasurer unclaimed property database. Search for property and submit a claim online.


Unclaimed property database from the Tennessee Department of Treasury.


Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts unclaimed property search.


Utah State Treasurer service. Provides instructions and forms for making a claim.


Vermont Treasury Abandoned Property Division records searchable by Town or Name.


Commonwealth of Virginia Department of the Treasury database of unclaimed property.


State of Washington Department of Revenue database of unclaimed financial assets.

West Virginia

West Virginia unclaimed financial assets. Search by name or company name. Results are limited to name and city.


Wisconsin gives address, city and property number. Submit a claim if there is property you think is yours.


Wyoming Treasurer's Office property claim service.

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