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Registered Offenders

The first on this list is the U.S. Department of Justice national registry, along with the state registries for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  If you're looking for a local registry, use one of the search fields at the top of the page to navigate to the county you'd like to search, though keep in mind that most offender databases are now found at the state level.


Tribal Offender Registries

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Public Records


Search for released Alabama registered offenders by name, city, county, or zip code. Gives picture, address, crime, and vital statistics.


Alaska Department of Public Safety registered sex offender and child kidnapper database, searchable by name, address, zip code, or city.


This service is provided by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Click on Offender Search to locate offenders by name, zip code, address, or screen name. Or select Absconder to view a list of offenders who have failed to register.


Arkansas Crime Information Center Level 3 and Level 4 registered sex offenders.


Search this Office of the Attorney General service for California registered offenders by name, address, city, zip code, county, parks, schools, or use the interactive map service.


Colorado Bureau of Investigation database of registered offenders. Provides picture, crime, name, aliases, vital statistics, distinguishing characteristics, occupation, employer, vehicle(s), and address.


Connecticut State Police sex offender registry, searchable by area, name, city, internet name, or email address. Also available is a list of non-compliant offenders.


Browse or search for Delaware registered offenders by last name, development, city, or zip code. Gives name, location, vital statistics, picture, crime(s), and risk assessment.

District of Columbia

Search the District of Columbia offender registry by first/last name, city quadrant, PSA and/or district.


Use this Florida Department of Law Enforcement service to search for Florida sexual offenders and predators.


Search for released Georgia registered offenders by name, city, county, or zip code. Gives picture, address, crime, and vital statistics.


Guam Courts of Justice registry of Level 1, 2 & 3 offenders. Search the registry or view lists of offenders who failed to register or who failed to update.


Search the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center for registered offenders and offenders against minors by name street, and/or zip code.


Idaho State Police Offender Registry. Search by name, city, county, zip code or map, or view a list of Violent Sexual Predators, Non-Compliant Offenders, or Quarterly Non-Compliant Offenders.


Search for registered offenders in Illinois by name, city, county, zip code, or do a multiple search using a combination of searchable fields.


Click on Search to search the Indiana Sheriff offender registry by address, city, zip code, name, or county.


Search for Iowa registered offenders by name, city, county, or zip code. Provides photo, aliases, address, vital statistics, distinguishing characteristics, risk assessment, age & gender of victim, date, county, & state of conviction, and crime.


Search for Kansas registered offenders by name, city, county, or zip code. Gives picture, address, race, gender, date of birth, date of original registration, and offense.


Click on Search. Then search for Kentucky registered offenders by name, city, county, or zip code.


Search the Louisiana State Police offender/child predator database by zip code, parish, city and first/last name to view information including date of initial registration, name, aliases, physical characteristics, address information, conviction.


Use this Maine State Police service to search for registered Maine sex offenders by name, city, town, or zip code.


Registered Sex Offenders in Maryland searchable by name, county, address, zip code, higher education, or interactive map.


Massachusetts Offender Registry Board database. Find Level 2 and 3 registered offenders by last name, city name, county, and/or postal code.


Search for registered offenders in Michigan by zip code or name and age. Provides name, description, date of birth, address, offense, and offense description.


Minnesota Department of Corrections Level 3 Predatory Offender database by zip code, name, city, or county.

Minnesota | Address Unknown

Minnesota Department of Corrections Level 3 Predatory Offender list by name for offenders whose address is currently unknown or in warrant status.


Search the Mississippi offender registry by last name, city, zip and/or county to view information including name, photo, physical description, DOB, address and crime information.


Browse this Missouri State Highway Patrol service by name, county, or zip code for registered offenders.


Search for registered and Violent Offenders in Montana by name, county, city, zip code, or offender type.


Nebraska sex offender registry. Search by name, region, or location.


Search this Nevada Department of Public Safety service for registered offenders by name, social security number, zip code, or vehicle license plate.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Division of State Police registered criminal offenders.

New Jersey

Search the New Jersey offender registry by geographic (county), individual (name and DOB) or advanced search (county, name and physical characteristics) to view information including name, photo.

New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Public Safety registered sex offenders. Search by name, zip code, city, county, by internet name, email, or view a list of non-compliant offenders.

New York

Search the New York State offender registry by name, county and zip code to view information on high risk/Level 3 offenders including name, photo, DOB, address, physical description, scars, marks, tattoos, aliases and vehicle registration.

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Justice offender registry. Find offenders by address, name, city, county, status, or even by latitude and longitude.

North Dakota

Search North Dakota Attorney General offender registry by first/last name, city, county and/or zip or browse by alphabetical listing to view information including demographic info, residential address, registration info, offenses and photo.

Northern Mariana Islands

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Department of Public Safety offender registry.


Search the Ohio Attorney General Electronic Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN) database for registered offenders and predators by name, zip code, county, and/or school district.


Search for registered aggravated and habitual offenders in Oklahoma by name, address, city, state, zip code, and/or county.


Oregon State Police registered offender database. Search by name, DOB, age range, description, or location. Click on Map Offenders to search by address and view an interactive map.


Browse by county for registered Violent Predators in Pennsylvania. Provides name, photo, address, conviction information, and primary jurisdiction.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Criminal Justice Information Services registry of convicted abuse and child abuse offenders.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Parole Board & Registered Offender Community Notification Unit registry of Level 3 (high risk) offenders where the offense occurred after 7/24/96 and Level 2 (moderate risk) offenders after 1/1/2006).

South Carolina

South Carolina sex offender registry.

South Dakota

South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation offender registry of Tier I, II, and III offenders.


Search for registered offenders in Tennessee by last name, county, or zip code. Provides name, photo, alias(es), county, race and gender, date of birth, address, supervision site, offense(s), drivers license number & state, and offense date.


Texas Department of Public Safety registered offender records.


This SONAR database from the Utah Department of Corrections provides information about registered offenders and kidnap offenders.


State of Vermont Department of Public Safety Crime Information Center sex offender registry.

Virgin Islands

United States Virgin Islands Department of Justice offender registry.


Search for registered offenders statewide in Virginia by zip code, county, city, or name. Provides registration dated, name & aliases, description, address, and conviction information.


Search this Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs database of Level II and Level III registered offenders by county, city, zip code, street, name, and/or type of conviction.

West Virginia

Registered offenders in West Virginia by name and/or county.


Search the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Offender Registry by name. Provides photograph and vital statistics.


Wyoming Registered Offenders search from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.

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