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Kansas Criminal Records

Here are four different ways to do your own search for criminal records or do a background criminal record search in Kansas. To find the free searches, scroll down the page. If it says “Pay Site,” that means the agency or company asks that you pay for your search.

1) Free and near-free searches - listed below. Kansas provides access to a wide range of criminal record databases. To do your own search we suggest that you start with the “Court Records | AccessKansas” resource below.  While this is not a free service, they allow non-subscribers to search any county for criminal court records for just $1 per court, per search. If your subject has only lived in a handful of Kansas counties, this is an inexpensive option. Also on this page below are free databases for Kansas state inmates, offenders under community corrections or parole supervision, federal inmates, registered offenders, drug offenders, violent offenders and available city & county databases for arrests, inmates, police reports, crime maps, criminal court calendars, dockets, and court records. We recommend checking the inexpensive PACER system for federal criminal court records as well.

2) Kansas Bureau of Investigation Criminal Histories on Yourself.  Use the resource below from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) titled “Criminal Histories | Yourself” to order a criminal history check on yourself online for adult convictions.  If you need to do a search for an immigration application, visa (application, not card), or an adoption you may order a certified records check by mail.  The KBI also offers what they call a “complete record check,” which is a fingerprint check and includes juvenile records, expungements, arrests, diversions, and non-convictions.  None of these options include U.S. Federal Records, so for a thorough search we also recommend you do a PACER search, and search for federal inmates. 

3) Kansas Bureau of Investigation Criminal Histories on Others. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) also offers the opportunity to do criminal checks on other people.  Click on  “Criminal Histories | On Others” to order a criminal history check on other people online for adult convictions, or do either a certified or fingerprint check by mail.  These options don’t include U.S. Federal Records, so for a thorough search we also recommend you do a PACER search, and search for federal inmates.

4) Search Systems State, National, and International Criminal Records. Criminals don't stop at state borders.  Expand your search with our Search Systems Premium criminal record database - the largest available to the public online containing over 450 million criminal records in all states.  Includes over 70 national and international terrorist, debarred persons, and most wanted databases.  The cost per search is $14.95 and results are immediate.  See Inside Edition's report on YouTube.

Our Kansas records include court convictions from Johnson, Sedgwick, and Shawnee Counties; Department of Corrections inmate records; the Kansas Bureau of Investigation violent or drug offender registry; and registered offenders. A search of Kansas records only is $9.95, immediate results.

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