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California Criminal Records

1) Free searches - listed below. Be aware: California Penal Code section 11105 makes it illegal to provide a full statewide criminal history to anyone outside of law enforcement, except to the person who is the subject of the report. To search the criminal records of someone else you must submit fingerprints of applicants and be authorized by the state as a: contractor; employer; in-home supportive care provider; youth organization; human resources agency; contract/proprietary security organization; city, county or special district; school or other authorized agency.  If you aren’t authorized by the State of California, then your best option is to check county court records. We suggest checking the free county and city resources below for arrests, inmates, court dates, court records, crime maps, and traffic court records. You can also look under the “Featured Public Records” area for statewide California Department of Corrections inmate records, Federal Bureau of Prisons inmates, Federal PACER system criminal court records (an inexpensive pay site).

2) California Department of Justice.  Below you’ll find a link to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) for information on how to order a statewide criminal history check on yourself. A self-check costs $25 and requires Live Scan and fingerprints. This does not include U.S. Federal Records, so we recommend a PACER search as well.  For searches on another individual, see the discussion in the paragraphs above.  By law the DOJ is the ONLY resource that will provide a full California statewide criminal record search.

3) Search Systems State, National, and International Criminal Records.  Expand your search with our Search Systems Premium criminal record database - the largest available to the public online containing over 400 million criminal records in all states.  Includes over 70 national and international terrorist, debarred persons, and most wanted databases.  The cost per search is $14.95 and results are immediate. See Inside Edition's report on YouTube.

Our California records include court records from 28 counties; Department of Corrections current inmate records; and registered offender records. A search of California records only is $9.95, immediate results.

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Most Popular

Public Records

Alameda County Inmate Locator

Search this Alameda County Inmate Locator database by name, date of birth or PFN number for current inmates. Provides place of arrest, arresting agency, report number, charges, upcoming court hearings and personal data.

Amador County Criminal Court Records

Search for superior court criminal filings by name, case number, citation number, date of birth, and drivers license number in Amador County. Includes records from 2002 to present.

Bakersfield Crime Maps & Statistics

Berkeley Police Bulletins

The police department of Berkeley provides these listings of crime bulletins.

Butte County Court Records

Search this Superior Court of California, County of Butte Online Case Index for civil, family, law, criminal, and traffic court cases.

Butte County Criminal Court Records

Search this Superior Court of California, County of Butte Online Case Index for civil, family, law, criminal, and traffic court cases.

Calaveras County Jail Bookings

Calaveras County Sheriff Logs

California Court Cases | Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Archives

Browse the California Supreme Court & Court of Appeals archives by jurisdiction.

California Court Records | Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Cases

Search for court cases with this California Supreme Court and Court of Appeals database.

California Court Records | Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Decisions

Search for California Supreme Court & Court of Appeals Decisions in the last 100 hours or 60 days, or search by jurisdiction.

Chico Arrests

View a list of arrests made in Chico in the past 30 days. Tip: Click on the WEEKLY ARRESTS link on the right side of their page.

Chico Crime Mapping

Chula Vista Inmates

Use this Chula Vista, California Police Department service to search by name for current inmates of the Chula Vista city jail.

Colusa County Criminal Court Records

Search for Colusa County criminal cases by name number, date, or case type.

Corning Crime Mapping

Search or browse service calls to the Corning Police Department using this interactive crime mapping service.

Davis Crime Maps

Provided by: Davis Police Department. Search this GIS interactive map by type of crime, time period, and location for crime incidents maps.

El Dorado County Arrests

List of inmates arrested and booked into El Dorado County jails in the previous 48 hours.

El Dorado County Court Records

Search the Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado civil, criminal and traffic court records by name, case number or date.

El Dorado County Crime Reports

El Dorado County Sheriff current daily crime reports.

El Dorado County Inmates

Search the El Dorado County, California Sheriff's Office listing of current inmates in El Dorado County jails or search the database by phrase or key word.

Elk Grove Crime Maps

View crime activity in Elk Grove by map, location, distance, time period or crime type.

Fresno County Court Tentative Rulings

Browse these tentative rulings for the Fresno County Superior Court.

Fresno County Inmates

Fresno County Sheriff current inmates.

Fresno County | Court Records

Fresno County Superior Court criminal and traffic cases.

Glenn County Criminal & Traffic Court Records

Use this Superior Court of Glenn County service to search for civil, family law, criminal, and/or traffic court filings by name, file date, and case type, or search by case number.

Glenn County Inmates - Bookings

Browse the Glenn County jail inmate bookings lists in PDF format by day.

Huntington Beach Crime Map

Crime mapping for Huntington Beach, CA.

Imperial County Calendars

Obtain Calendar information provided by the Imperial County Superior Court. These calendars are updated daily with descriptions of civil and criminal cases.

Kern County Court Criminal Calendar

Search the Superior Court records of Kern County for criminal court calendar information by case number, name, and/or date range.

Kern County Court Criminal Histories

Search the Superior Court records of Kern County for criminal court cases & histories by name and date of birth, driver license number, and/or social security number.

Kern County Inmates

Use this service provided by the Kern County Sheriff to search the current inmates of the Kern County Jail by inmate number or name.

Kings County Booking List

Browse this Kings County Sheriff list for bookings in the last 48 hours.

Kings County Inmates

Browse this Kings County, California Sheriff's Office list by name for current inmates.

Kings County | Court Records

Kings County Superior Court criminal and traffic case records.

Lake County Booking Log

Use this Lake County Sheriff service to browse the daily arrest log or search for previous logs by date.

Lake County Inmates

Use this Lake County Sheriff's office service to search for inmates by last name.

Los Angeles County Inmates

L.A. County Sheriff Department inmate roster by name and date of birth.

Los Angeles County Superior Court | Criminal  Pay Site

Los Angeles County Superior Court criminal defendant index, calendar search, and case summaries.

Madera County Inmates

Search the Madera County Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections database by name for current and archived inmates. Provides name, photo, offender number, offense, committing county, date of admission, institution, status, etc.

Marin County

Criminal Superior Court records in Marin County.

Marin County Court Dates

Court calendar for Marin County Superior Court.

Marin County Inmates & Booking Report

Current inmates and those booked in the last 48 hours into the Marin County Jail.

Mariposa County Booking Log

Browse this daily Mariposa County Sheriff's booking log.

Mendocino County Criminal Court Records

Browse the Superior Court of Mendocino County by name for civil, criminal, and traffic cases. Details are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Monterey County Criminal & Traffic Court Records

Use this Monterey County Superior Court service to search for criminal, civil, family, juvenile, probate, small claims, or traffic court cases by case number or name. Adoption cases are available, but may only be searched by case number.

Napa County Court - Criminal and Traffic Cases

Search this Napa County Superior Court database for criminal and traffic cases. Search for traffic citations by license, business/last name or citation number. Citations can be paid using this site.

Napa County Court Records - Criminal

Click on Case Lookup at the top of the page to search the Superior Court of California County of Napa for criminal records by case number; or click on Record Search to search by name and date of birth.

Napa County Inmates/Offenders

Napa County, California Department of Corrections search for offenders / inmates.

Nevada County Inmates

Nevada County Sheriff's Corrections Facility inmates.

Nevada County Superior Court

Nevada County Superior Court case records.

Norfolk Crime Maps

Use this Norfolk police database to view criminal activity by neighborhood over the past 120 days.

Orange County Arrest Log

Browse the Orange County, California Sheriff's arrest log for the past 30 days.

Orange County Court Calendars

Superior Court of California, County of Orange criminal, civil, small claims, traffic, family law, and probate case calendars.

Orange County Court Records

Orange County Superior Court access to criminal, small claims, civil, traffic, family law, and probate case records.

Orange County Criminal Cases in the News

Browse these active criminal cases in Orange County that have received media attention. PDF file is provided by the Orange County District Attorney's office.

Orange County Inmates

Search the Orange County Sheriff Department for currently incarcerated inmate information. Search by name, booking number, or browse the list of inmate names.

Paradise Police Calls

Use this crime mapping service to search or browse calls for service to the Paradise Police Department.

Placer County Booking Log

Browse the Placer County Sheriff's Office 24 hour Booking Log for a list of current suspects in custody at the Placer County, California jail. Provides name, age, Jail ID, charge and bail.

Placer County Inmates

Browse by name for Inmates currently at the Placer County, California Jail.

Placer County Superior Court - Criminal, Civil, Traffic, Family

Placer County Superior Court filings. Includes civil, criminal, traffic, and family law cases after 1999.

Riverside County Criminal Court Records

Search for Criminal Court Case filings in Riverside County, California.

Riverside County Inmates

Use this service provided by the Sheriff to search the current inmate population of the Riverside County Jail by name or booking number.

Roseville Inmates - Recent

Browse these PDF listings of daily bookings into the Roseville city jail.

Sacramento County Arrest Logs

Provided by the Sacramento Bee. Browse this listing of arrest reports in Sacramento County from the last week. View name, date of arrest, arrest report number, and offense.

Sacramento County Inmate Bookings

Use this Sacramento County, California Sheriff service to browse for recent inmate bookings.

Sacramento County Inmates

Use this Sacramento County service to search for current inmates by name, XREF number, or browse by last name.

Sacramento County | Court Index

Sacramento County criminal court case search.

San Bernardino County Crime Maps

San Bernardino County Superior Court

San Bernardino County Superior Court traffic, civil, traffic, and criminal case records and criminal case hearing calendar.

San Diego County Court | New Criminal Case Filings

Click on CRIMINAL to browse the Superior Court of San Diego County alphabetical listing of criminal cases filed within the past five days.

San Diego County Criminal Court Records

Enter and select Criminal in the Select Case Type field to search Superior Court of San Diego County criminal case records by party name, case number, or DA number.

San Diego County Inmate Roster

Search the San Diego County jail inmate roster by name or number.

San Francisco Crime Bulletins

Browse this database of San Francisco crime bulletins to view information about unsolved murders/criminal activity. This site includes photos of homicide victims as well as photos or drawings of criminal suspects.

San Joaquin County Booking Log

Use this San Joaquin County Sheriff service to browse by booking date for recent arrests. Information is provided in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.

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