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North Carolina

North Carolina District Courts are the first level of the North Carolina Court System and are responsible for civil cases less than $10,000, child custody cases, divorces, juvenile matters, misdemeanors, and infractions.  The District Courts have judges and magistrates.  Magistrates are judicial officers appointed by the senior Superior Court judges and may issue warrants, set bail, accept guilty pleas, as well as payments for costs and fines.

North Carolina Superior Courts are responsible for felony criminal cases, civil cases over $10,000, and appeals of misdemeanors and infractions from the District Court.   There is also a Business Court, which is a specialized division responsible for the more complex commercial and corporate law cases.  Business Court cases are assigned by the Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court to a special superior court judge.

The North Carolina Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court and is primarily responsible for review of appeals from the lower courts.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in North Carolina and is responsible for reviewing death penalty cases, Utility Commission cases, and other opinions from the lower courts.

Use the resources below to search for civil, criminal, and court calendars, officer court appearances, upcoming traffic citation appearances, business court cases, and opinions of the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

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Public Records

¬†Criminal Court Records  Pay Site

Use Search Systems Premium to search statewide in North Carolina for corrections, sex offenders, and felony, misdemeanor and traffic court filings from all district and superior courts since 1973.

Bankruptcies, Judgments, Tax Liens  Pay Site

Search statewide in North Carolina or U.S. Nationwide for bankruptcy court records, court judgments, and tax liens. Immediate results. $5 per search.

Court Calendars | Civil Cases

Search the North Carolina Court System by county for civil court calendars in North Carolina.

Court Calendars | Criminal Cases

Search the North Carolina Court System by county for criminal court calendars.

Court Calendars | Impaired Driving Query

Search the North Carolina Court System for Impaired Driving Court dates in by name, county and/or zip code.

Court Calendars | Officer Court Appearances

Search for the scheduling of court appearances of North Carolina Law Enforcement Officers by county, agency, officer name, or officer number.

Court Calendars | Pending Criminal and Traffic

Search North Carolina District and Superior Court criminal and traffic calendars for current cases.

Court Calendars | Traffic Citations by Citation Number

Search for North Carolina citation court appearance by citation number.

Court Calendars | Traffic Citations by Name

Search North Carolina Court calendars for upcoming traffic citation court case dates by defendant name.

Court Cases | Business Court

Search North Carolina Business Court Cases by keyword. Provides case number, open date, status, case type, Plaintiff, Defendant, Judge, County, and case docket.

Court Dockets | North Carolina Supreme Court

Browse for North Carolina Supreme Court Dockets by case name.

Court Opinions | Business Court

Search for North Carolina Civil Business Court Opinions and Orders by keyword or name.

Court Opinions | Supreme Court & Court of Appeals

Search by keyword or browse by year for North Carolina Supreme Court & Court of Appeals Opinions.

Court Opinions | U.S. Fourth Circuit

Court of Appeals opinions from the U.S. Fourth Circuit. Covers North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.

Court Records | PACER North Carolina U.S. District

Search the regional U.S. District Courts of North Carolina PACER system for Federal bankruptcy, civil, and criminal court records.

Court Records | U.S. Fourth Circuit  Pay Site

Search the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals PACER database (North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia) and obtain document copies. Access requires PACER registration and a small fee per search.

Guilford County Court Child Support Dockets

Use this Guilford County, North Carolina County Court service to browse for Greensboro and High Point child support and enforcement dockets.

Protective Orders

Search for protective orders in North Carolina by case number and respondent name and county of issuance.

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