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Corporations and Companies

As you probably already know, each state has different rules as to what constitutes a regulated business entity and where those entities should register.  Most states require registration of corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited liability partnerships (LLPS) at the Secretary of State Office.  Other states also require limited partnerships to file, and others have even more requirements, such as churches, associations, limited liability limited partnerships, trade names, trusts, DBAs, and banks.  We've listed the statewide registries here for each state, but some states (like California, Texas, and Michigan) require "Fictitious" or "Assumed" business name filings.  In those states sole proprietorships or partnerships are filed with the county, but in other states they may be filed with the state or the county recorder or clerk.

If you're looking for company registers in other nations, click here or on the link below titled "International Company Registers."  There you'll find the official registers for most European countries, as well as Canada, Canadian provinces and territories, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, India, Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands, Panama, and many more.  

Of course if you feel we've missed one, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know.  This is a free service built with the help of people like you.


International Company Registers

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Most Popular

Public Records

Alabama | Business Entities

The Alabama Secretary of State provides this free online database that allows you to search for business entities by name, type, county, address, or status. Included is a fairly long list of entity types, including corporations, LLCs, LLPs, LPs, LLLPs, non-profits, professional and unincorporated associations, insurance companies, and more.

Alaska | Corporations

The Alaska Department of Economic and Community Development provides this online searchable database of Alaskan corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and limited partnerships. You have the option of searching by entity (business name or registration number), corporate officials (by number, business name, or individual name), or by registered agent.

Arizona | Business Entities

This is an Arizona Corporation Commission database of Arizona business entities that allows you to search for active business registrations, inactive business names, name changes, even fictitious names filed by foreign (other state) corporations. Included in the database are limited partnerships, corporations, LLCs, trade names, and trademarks.

Arizona | Registered Names

This is a database provided by the Arizona Secretary of State that allows you to search for all business names registered with the Corporation Commission and the Secretary of State. Included are corporations, limited partnerships, LLCs, trademarks, and trade names. Search by filing number or applicant / agent name, or search by the registered name of the business. A nice feature is that it allows you to search by partial names, partial words, metaphone, or do soundex searches.

Arkansas | Business Entities

This Arkansas Secretary of State says that you may search for Arkansas registered corporations, cooperatives, banks, and insurance companies, but the actual list of searchable entities is substantially longer and includes foreign (other state) and domestic profit and non-profit corporations, cooperatives, LLCs, LLPs, LLLPs, limited partnerships, business trusts, banks, nonprofit associations, insurance companies, public water authorities, and more.

California | Business Entities

The California Secretary of State provides this online database of corporation, limited liability company, and limited partnership records. You may search only by CURRENT corporate, LLC, or LLP name, and to get accurate results you have to experiment with a lot of different terms. Not a plus. Another drawback is that you may only search by name or registration number as there are no cross-reference fields such as agent or principal name, address, or city.

California | County Fictitious Business Names

Small businesses in California are required to file Fictitious Business Name (FBN) statements if the business name is other than their surname. Click here to access the available California county FBN databases.

California | Publicly Traded Corporations

The California Secretary of State offers this database that allows you to search for Corporate Disclosure Statements filed by publicly traded corporations. This is limited only to publicly traded corporations, so if you're looking to search all corporations, use the California Business Entities database listed above.

California | Securities, Franchises, Investment Companies

Department of Business Oversight database for franchise notifications, franchise notices, securities notifications, and securities notices. Included are registrations, renewals, negotiated sales, permits, transfers, notices of issuance, and quite a bit more.

Colorado | Business Search

The Colorado Secretary of State provides this online company registry of corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, trade names, and trademarks by name, ID number, or search for name availability. Click on Advanced Search to search by file date, registered agent or registrant.

Connecticut | Business Inquiry

This is a service provided by the Connecticut Secretary of State Commercial Recording Division. Use the CONCORD business inquiry to search for Connecticut registered corporations, LLCs, LLPs, and limited partnerships by name, business ID, or filing number. Results include the business status, address, name change history, filing history, agent name, shares, principals, and business summary.

Delaware | Entity Search

The Delaware Department of State Division of Corporations provides this online company register where you may search for Delaware corporations, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and general partnerships by business name or by registration number.

Delaware | License Search

Department of Finance, Division of Revenue database of businesses licensed in Delaware. Search by business name, category, date, or location.

Delaware | Registered Agents

Division of Corporations list of Delaware registered agents organized alphabetically.

District of Columbia | Company Registry

Use this District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) Corporations Division service to search for registered corporations, partnerships, LLCs, trusts, sole proprietors, and cooperative associations by organization name or file number. The searches are free, but in order to access the system they do require that you register for an online account.

Florida | Business Searches

This is simply one of the best business registries available from any state. Provided by the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations, you may search for corporations, limited partnerships, LLCs, fictitious names, partnerships, liens, even cable franchises. Most of the searches give you a wide range of search options, and the results are consistently good. California, this how it's done when it's done well.

Georgia | Business Registry

The Georgia Secretary of State provides this free online service where you may search for Georgia registered corporations, LLCs, PCs (professional corporations), and non-profits by business name, control number, officer, or registered agent name. They also offer a process where you may enter the certification number from a document and they'll verify certification.

Hawaii | Business Registration

The Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Business Registration Division offers this online service where you may search for corporation registration, LLCs, LLPs, limited partnerships, and trade names by business name. Click on "Authenticate" if you'd like to verify a Certificate of Good Standing or a certified document.

Hawaii | Business Taxpayer Registry

The State of Hawaii Department of Taxation offers this online service where you may search for a business registration by taxpayer ID, taxpayer name, or the name of the business (DBA).

Idaho | Business Entities

The Idaho Secretary of State provides this free business entity database that is searchable by business name, city, filing number, agent, or date. Types of registration included are corporations, assumed business names, LLCs (limited liability companies), LLPs (limited liability partnerships), general partnerships, limited partnerships, non-profit associations, and business name reservations.

Illinois | Corporation & Limited Liability Company Registry

Search the Illinois Secretary of State, Department of Business Services Certificate of Good Standing records for corporations and/or limited liability companies registered in Illinois by name, key word, partial word, or file number. They also offer an option where you may enter a Certificate of Good Standing authentication number and verify if it's authentic.

Illinois | Partnership Registry

The Illinois Secretary of State offers a corporation and LLC search (above), but offers this service separately where you may search for registered LPs (limited partnerships), LLLPs (limited liability limited partnerships), LLPs (limited liability partnerships), and RLLPs (registered limited liability limited partnerships). Now try saying that three times fast.

Indiana | Business Services Online

Indiana Secretary of State, Business Services Division records. Search by name for registered corporations, LLCs, LLPs, and limited partnerships by full or partial word. The results are extensive as they provide the official business name, address, status, type of registration, creation & expiration dates, transaction history, merger information, registered agent, and corporate report information. Certificates of Existence are available for a fee.

Iowa | Business Entities

Search the Iowa Secretary of State Business Entities database for companies filed in Iowa. Included are corporations, nonprofits, fictitious and assumed names, LLCs, and LLPs and the SOS provides quite a lot of information, including a summary, address, registered agent, copies of filings, name changes, officers, stock information, and a printable Certificate of Existence, though the latter does require a fee.

Kansas | Business Entities

Kansas Business Center online database of businesses registered with the Secretary of State and includes corporations, LLCs, LLPs, and limited partnerships. You may search the business entity database, check name availability, search for charitable organizations, or search for trademarks and service marks. Of note, Kansas doesn't officially register DBAs, fictitious or trade name, or sole proprietorships.

Kentucky | Business Organizations

The Kentucky Secretary of State offers an online "FastTrack" Business Organization search where you may do free queries for corporations, LLCs, LLPs, limited partnerships, and assumed business names. You may also do searches by current officer name, found officer, registered agent, or search for the availability of a business name.

Louisiana | Business Registry

The Louisiana Secretary of State provides this online service where you may search for Louisiana corporations, LLCs, trade names, trademarks, and collection agencies by business name, ID number (charter or trade registration), officer name, or registered agent name. Once you reach the details page for a company you may (for a fee) order copies of filed documents and annual reports.

Maine | Business Entities

Search Maine Department of the Secretary of State | Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions records by name or charter number. Included are corporations, cooperatives, LLCs, LLPs, non-profits, non-profit churches, reserved names, financial institutions, and railroad corporations. Also available are document authentication and retrieval services.

Maryland | Charter Records

The Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation provides this searchable online database of Maryland business filings, including Maryland registered LLPs, corporations, limited partnerships, LLCs, LLLPs, trade names, real estate investment trusts, and business trusts. Also available (for a fee) is a certificate of status service.

Massachusetts | Corporate Database

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, Corporations Division database. Includes corporations, LLCs, LLPs, LPs, corporations. Search by company name, id number, filing number, or by the name of an officer or director.

Michigan | Business Entities

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Corporation Division, manages this free online database of corporations, LLCs, and limited partnerships registered in Michigan. You may search by name, by keyword (or phrase), or by ID number. Use the name search field if you'd like to check the availability of a name.

Minnesota | Business & Lien System

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State offers this database of registered Minnesota businesses that includes corporations, assumed names, cooperatives, LLCs, LLPs, LPs, nonprofits, and trademarks. Search by name or file number, or click on "Advanced Options" if you'd like to search for inactive names. The initial search is free and provides you with basic information about the business (e.g. name, type, ID, status, address, etc.). Additional info requires a fee.

Mississippi | Business Services

Search Office of the Mississippi Secretary of State records for Mississippi registered business entities by business name, ID, officer name, or registered agent. Click on "Verify Certification" to determine if the certification number on a document is valid. Results include the name history, type of business, address, registered agent, and officers / directors. Images of filed documents are available free.

Missouri | Business Entities

The Missouri Secretary of State provides this free online service that allows you to search by current or prior business name for business entities. Includes corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, limited partnerships, cooperatives, and fictitious business names. This is a well-designed service that allows you to search by business name, charter number, or registered agent. You may also search for newly registered corporations, but that requires registration.

Montana | Business Entity Search

Search Montana Secretary of State records free by business name for Montana registered corporations, assumed business names, LPs, LLCs, LLPs, trademarks, and name reservations. You also have the option of downloading the entire database (for a fee) or to do a search by officer or director name (also for a fee).

Nationwide U.S. Registries

Search our list of national U.S. business databases such as the NYSE Euronext Exchange, NAIC listed insurance companies, the SEC EDGAR database, federal contractors, SIC classifications, etc.

Nebraska | Business Services

Search the Nebraska Secretary of State records for active or inactive corporations and business entities (including trade names) by name or account number. Results include business name, account number, address, agent, type of business, filed date, status, and officer & director names and addresses. Also available online for a fee are "Good Standing" certificates and images of filed documents.

Nevada | Business Search

Nevada was a pioneer in the online provision of public records in the 90s and their experience shows in how well they build their query systems today. The Secretary of State provides this database that allows you to search by entity name or number, Nevada business ID, officer name, or registered agent. In additions to corporations, LLCs, LLPs, etc. this includes business licenses, reserved names, trade names, trademarks and service marks.

New Hampshire | Corporations System

New Hampshire Secretary of State Corporation Division free business lookup by business name, ID, or registered agent. Results include name history, ID, addresses, agent name and address, and downloadable images of filed documents such as the original filing, annual reports, agent changes, and amendments.

New Jersey | Business Records Service

The State of New Jersey Division of Revenue provides this online database of registered business entities, trade names, trademarks, and service marks. Free results include business name, ID, type, and original filing date. Status reports or document copies require a fee by credit card or electronic check.

New Mexico | Business Entity Information

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Corporations Division records for registered business entities by business name, director, or authorized agent. Results include (if available) corporation details, filing information, address, agent, directors, officers, and information about filed documents such as type, date, and instrument number.

New York | Corporation & Business Entity Database

The New York Department of State, Division of Corporations, State Records & UCC offers this online database of registered corporations, non-profits, LPs, LLCs, and LLPs. Search by business name and/or status. Results include name history, ID, initial file date, county, type, status, agent, principal, and address.

North Carolina | Secretary of State Corporations

Search North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State business entity records by name or ID. Includes corporations, LLCs, PLLCs, PLLPs, non profits, and limited partnerships. Results include (when available) name histories, status information, agent, officers, principal office address, and downloadable copies of filed documents. Also available is a search by registered agent, list of unincorporated non-profits, new and dissolved business reports, and document certification.

North Carolina | Trademarks Registry

Search the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State Trademarks Registry by description, goods, services, keyword, phrase, trademark name, registration number, or owner name.

North Dakota | Business Records

North Dakota Secretary of State business records database by business name, or ID number. In addition to corporations, LLC's, etc. this includes fictitious names, trade names, trademarks, and real estate investment trusts. Results include business details, nature and type of business, address, agent authorized shares, and recent annual reports.

Ohio | Business Search

Ohio Secretary of State database of corporations, LLPs, LLCs, fictitious and assumed business names, trade names, trademarks, and churches. Search by business name (and type, status, location, or state), document or business ID, agent or incorporation, or prior business name. Results include business details, agent and incorporator name, and downloadable copies of filed documents.

Oklahoma | Business Entities

Search Oklahoma records for registered business entities by business name, or click on advanced search to search by filing number, registered agent, principal, or officer. You may also limit your search to banks, churches, or domestic cooperatives, or search for name availability.

Oregon | Business Registry

Search the Oregon SOS Corporation Division business registry by business name or registry number. Click on either link under Associated Business Search to search by registry or name for agents, general partners, members, partners, registrants, trustees, representatives, or mailing address.

Pennsylvania | Business Entity Search

Search business registrations by name or ID and includes an option to search for corporate name availability. Registration isn't required, but is useful if you do regular searches or need to order documents or certify the validity of a document. Results include name history, business type, file number, status, creation date, state, address, and filing history.

Puerto Rico | Corporations Search

The Puerto Rico Department of State offers this online corporations database that also includes LLCs, LLPs, partnerships, and insurance companies. Search by name or register number. Results include registered name and registration number, dates, type of business, office address, agent, incorporators, officers, amendment and annual report histories, and certificates (issued online).

Rhode Island | Business Entity Search

Rhode Island offers a wide range of search options to help you find registered corporations, LPs, LLPs, LLCs, and Non-resident Landlords. Search by business name, ID number, filing number, officer or director name, agent, business address, or business purpose. Results include name history, general information, office and mailing address, agent, officers, directors, shares, and free downloadable copies of filed documents.

Rhode Island | New Business Registrations

This is a weekly export of newly registered businesses in Rhode Island, provided as a tab-delimited ASCII text file. The easiest way to view it is to import it to a database program, but if you're looking to verify a new filing it's not hard to review the document in text form.

South Carolina | Business Filings

The South Carolina SOS offers this online database of business filings, searchable by business name or registered agent. Includes corporations (including nonprofits), LPs, LLCs, and LLPs, but not sole proprietorships as they aren't required to file. Returns name, type, status, registered agent information, file dates, and document history.

South Dakota | Corporate Database

It says corporate database, but this South Dakota SOS database offers substantially more business entities, including LLCs, LLPs, LPs, churches, banks, cooperatives, farms, fire protection districts, municipal power companies, business trusts, insurance companies, bank fiduciaries, railroad and public utilities, sanitary districts, and water districts. Search by name, ID, city, zip, filing date, type, standing, or the individual name of an officer, director, or agent.

Tennessee | Business Information Search

Tennessee business registration records by business name or control number. Results include basic information such as the business name, status, office address, shares, file date, but also provides a list of assumed names, filing history, and name and address of the registered agent. For a fee you can order a certificate of existence online.

Texas | Assumed Business Names  Pay Site

Texas Secretary of State "SOSDirect" statewide assumed business name search. Requires Texas SOSDirect registration and a $1 fee per search.

Texas | Business Register  Pay Site

Use this fee-based service from the Texas Secretary of State "SOSDirect" to search the business registry statewide. Requires Texas SOSDirect registration and a $1 fee per search. Included are corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, trademarks, and assumed business names filed with the Secretary of State.

Texas | County Assumed Business Names

Here you'll find a list that we've put together of links to searchable Assumed Business Name databases available from Texas County Clerks.

Texas | Franchise Tax Status

This is an excellent free alternative to the SOSDirect service to search for information on Texas business registrations. The Texas Comptrollers Office offer this database of corporations, LLCs, LLPs, limited partnerships, and assumed business names that are taxable business entities in Texas. Searchable by tax ID, business name, or Secretary of State file number.

Texas | Sales Taxpayers

This is another excellent free service that you can use to search for Texas business registrations. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts offers this Sales Tax Permit database searchable by taxpayer number, EIN, name (legal, business, or individual), and/or zip code.

Utah | Business Search

The Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code offers this free online database of registered corporations, LLCs, LPs, LLPs, DBAs, business trusts, limited cooperative associations (LCAs), and collection agencies. Search free by business name or entity number, or click on EXECUTIVE NAME to search for for businesses by officer, director, or agent name. The executive search requires a $3 fee.

Utah | Registered Principal Search  Pay Site

Utah Department of Commerce businesses and business associations by registered principal name (agent, officer, or director). The fee is $3.00 per search, includes all results, and may be paid by credit card or with a subscription account.

Vermont | Business Search

Vermont SOS Corporations Division records for corporations, trade names, LLCs, partnerships, and name reservations. Results include entity name, status, filed number, type, business description, agent, principals, and dates of incorporation, last annual report, termination, etc.

Virginia | Corporation Commisssion Information System

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) manages this database of Virginia registered businesses. Click on CLERK'S INFORMATION SYSTEM (CIS) for the main menu. The Corporate Inquiry Menu allows you to search by current or old business names, by officer, director, or principal name, by fictitious name, by registered agent, for stock information, for LPs, RLLPs, LLCs, Business Trusts, or name histories. Be sure to use the buttons to navigate or it will log you off the system.

Washington | Corporations Search

The Corporations and Charities Division offers this online database of Washington registered corporations, LPs, LLPs, LLCs, RLLPs, cooperatives, banks, public utilities, insurance companies, and fraternal societies. Search by organization name or UBI number, or click on advanced search for additional options such as category, agent, or date of incorporation. Unlike California, Washington continues to improve its service and now offers mobile search apps.

Washington | Lookup Business Information (BRD)

This service comes from the Department of Revenue and allows you to search for Washington businesses by owner or business name (and optionally by city, a nice feature if it's a common name), by UBI or tax registration number, or by reseller permit number. Results include UBI numbers, dates, UBI/tax numbers, entity and fictitious names, location, mailing address, and NAICS code.

West Virginia | Business Organization Search

The West Virginia SOS offer this service that allows you to search for registered businesses by business, officer, or agent name. Click on Advanced Search for expanded options such as county, state, organization/business/charter type, dates, or business purpose. Select Organization Type to see a full list of covered organizations as there are too many to list here.

Wisconsin | Corporate Records

This database comes from the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions and allows you to search for corporations, LPs, LLCs, LLPs, and name reservations by name, status, type, or registration date.

Wisconsin | Name Availability

Before you register a Wisconsin corporations, limited liability company or partnership, or limited partnership, check here to see if the name is available.

Wyoming | Business Filing Search

Wyoming Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, LPs, and Trade Names. Search by business name or ID number. Results are detailed, including name, address, status, term, purpose, shares, agent, etc., but also including filing history, public notes, and parties (e.g. incorporator or partner).

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