Use Voter Records to Find Someone

That’s right.  Whether your long-lost friend or relative is a Democrat, Republican, or Independent… if they vote you can find them.  Especially in an election year, most folks update their voter registration if they’ve recently moved.  This gives you a chance to pinpoint their current residential address.

Ever notice that when you move and update your voter registration, you get a jury duty summons a few months later?  This is because your updated voter information triggers the jury services department.  You’re back on the grid.  Why not use that same trigger to verify the new address of your old buddy?

On our Voter Records page, we compile links to the Registrar of Voters and Supervisor of Elections databases in as many states and counties as we can find.  You’ll see resources for voter records, registration, polling precincts & locations, absentee ballot status, and provisional ballot status.  These public databases are intended to provide you a means to check your own registration, but if you have enough information on your person, you can look him or her up too.

Let’s look at Bradford County, Florida as an example.  If you can provide the voter’s last name, birth date, and street number, this database will verify that there is a current registration matching that name and address.

Let’s be very clear: This database won’t give you a brand new address you were unaware of, but it can verify an address you may suspect is your subject’s.  So if you’ve run a people search report and you have a list of potential addresses for your person, you can run each through voter registration databases to find the current match.