Eviction Records Now Available

Search Systems now provides access to an eviction records database.  For just $5 per search, you can find out if a person or business has ever been evicted from a home, apartment, or office building.

Eviction records are court records, and can be found in a county or state court record search (depending on the state).  What this service provides is a fast, simple way to search an entire state for court records that only pertain to evictions.  We zero in on the eviction records for your subject so you don’t have to sort through dozens of other court filings to get to this information.

The easy-to-use interface allows for a statewide eviction record search.  If the tenant name you are searching is common, you can use an advanced search feature to narrow your results to a single city.

Result details typically include case number, filing date, filing type, court name and address, plaintiff name (the landlord), defendant/debtor name (the tenant) and address, and also the book and page number, if applicable.

Currently the search page allows for a search by tenant name only, but if you wish to search by landlord name to find evictions initiated by the landlord, feel free to contact us directly.