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This page displays the more popular public record resources in Nevada.  More databases can be found using the left-side menus.  We recommend looking at the Categories displayed, or searching by county, as many records are kept at that level.

  • Court System - The Nevada court system has four levels. At the first level are Municipal Courts, which handle civil matters up to $3,500, misdemeanors, and traffic violations & infractions. Second are Justice Courts, which handle civil cases up to $10,000, small claims, misdemeanors, and felony preliminary hearings. At the third level are the District Courts, which handle civil cases over $10,000, and criminal felony & misdemeanor cases. At the top is the Nevada Supreme Court. As the state currently has no intermediate court of appeals, the Supreme Court reviews all cases on appeal. Nevada Court Records
  • Criminal Records - Felony cases and serious misdemeanors are handled by the District Courts. The Municipal Courts or Justice Courts may handle misdemeanors and infractions.  For instructions on doing research or ordering official criminal histories, and for access to criminal record databases, go to our Nevada Criminal Records page.
  • Vital Records - Birth and death certificates are provided by: Nevada State Health Division/Office of Vital Records, 4150 Technology Way, Suite 104, Carson City, NV 89706, (775) 684-4242, Fax: (775) 684-4156. For marriage and divorce records, contact the County Clerk in the county where the event occurred. For more information about vital records in Nevada, visit our Vital Records page. Nevada birth records are not searchable online. To order a birth certificate, write to the address listed above.


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Most Popular

Public Records

Administrative Code

View the Nevada Administrative Code by chapter.

Agency & Department Directory

Nevada Government Directory for departments and agencies.

Bankruptcies, Judgments, Tax Liens  Pay Site

Search Nevada or U.S. Nationwide for for tax liens, bankruptcies, and judgments. Search Systems Premium database. $5 per search. Immediate results.

Companies | Start a Business  Information

Everything you need to know to start a business in Nevada. Includes a Nevada business search database.

Company Search | Registered Agents

Search Nevada Secretary of State records by name for corporate Registered Agents.

Court | Traffic Tickets

List of Nevada court jurisdictions that offer online citation payments.

Criminal Histories  Information

Nevada Department of Public Safety access to criminal histories.

Gaming Control Board | Excluded Persons

Nevada State Gaming Control Board list of excluded persons.

Historic Maps

Search or browse this University of Nevada, Las Vegas service for historic maps from Southern Nevada and Las Vegas.


Nevada Legislature registered lobbyists and lobbyist employers.

Missing Children

Nevada missing children search.

Most Wanted | Escapees

Wanted inmates who have walked away or escaped from Nevada Department Of Corrections custody.

Most Wanted | Gaming Control Board

Nevada State Gaming Control Board Gaming Commission most wanted.

Most Wanted | Parole and Probation

Browse this Nevada Department of Public Safety database by name, photo, and crime committed for a list of the most wanted fugitives.

Professional and Medical Licenses

Use the drop-down menu at left or click here to search for or verify a medical or professional license in Nevada.

Protective Orders

VINE database of Nevada protective orders.

Register of Administrative Regulations

Search the Nevada Register by year and subject or numerical index.

Revised Statutes

View the Nevada Revised Statutes by subject index.


Search by keyword for Nevada Statutes.

Uniform Commercial Code

Signup and submit the UCC11 form to have the Nevada Secretary of State's office perform a UCC search for you. This is not an online database and it requires registration.


Search for your Nevada voter registration by name, date of birth and either driver's license number or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

Nevada is located in the southwester region of the United States. The Capital is Carson CityConcord and the largest city is Las Vegas.  The Official Web Site is located at  Nevada is the 35th most populous state in the United States.  The 2014 population estimate is 2,839,099 and the 2010 census population was 2,700,692.  The land area is 109,781.18 square miles and there are 24.6 persons per square mile.

76.7% of the population is White, 9% is Black or African American, 27.5% is Hispanic or Latino, 8.1% is Asian, 1.6% is American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.7% is Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 3.9% are two or more races. 84.6% are a high school graduate or higher, and 22.4% have a Bachelor degree or higher.

The median home value is $169,100. There are on average 2.70 persons per household, the per capita income is $26,589, the median household income is $52,800, and 15% of the persons in Nevada are considered below poverty level.

Premium Databases

  • Nevada Criminal Records

    Do a comprehensive background search of over 500 million court, inmate, corrections, offender, and fugitive records.