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          The truth about criminal records:


          There is a true nationwide criminal record database in the U.S.  It’s the FBI’s NCIC database, but it isn’t available to the public.  The rules for public access to criminal records are established at the state level.  If you’re an individual or a business doing a background check you have to abide by state criminal record regulations, and each state has different rules about who may access their records and how the records will be provided.  To make it even more confusing, many states leave it up to the counties to decide if and how you may access those records.  And if you want to find criminal records information on the Internet it’s a difficult and frustrating task to determine who offers what, whether that information is online, and where to find it.


It’s a criminal record maze, and we’ll help you find your way through it with:


  1. This “Guide” to help you find the information you need;
  2. Our SearchSystems.net public records directory which contains over 48,000 hand-picked links to online public record databases, including thousands of links to criminal court records, “wanted” lists and databases, warrants, arrests, bookings, inmate, parole, and sex offender databases, as well as links to information on how to order criminal histories from state agencies—all organized nationwide and by state and category so that they are easy to find; and
  3. The SearchSystems.Net Premium Nationwide/Statewide Criminal Records Database, the single largest database of criminal records available to the public—over 350 million county, state, national, and international records.


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